Employer Mandate Delay Forces Public into Government Health Exchanges



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July 15, 2013



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Employer Mandate Delay Forces Public into Government Health Exchanges


Twila Brase of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom States While Obama Administration Allows Employers to Delay Insuring Employees Until 2015, Individuals Must Still be Insured by January 1, 2014


MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. - As the Obama administration struggles to find the resources to build a system of government-run health Exchanges, America surmises about why the administration would delay the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act for a full year, while keeping the mandate that, individuals must have insurance. Twila Brase suspects that the truth goes to the very survival of Obamacare.

“The success of Obamacare depends upon driving people to enroll in the government Exchanges in all 50 states. Obamacare fails without Exchanges,” states Twila Brase. “On July 2, at 6:00 p.m. just before the Independence Day holiday, the administration quietly stated in a blog post that the Obamacare employer mandate would be delayed by one year, until January 1, 2015. The U.S. Treasury put out a separate blog post. There was no press release. This understated process was meant to make the delay look like no big deal. But it is.”

Brase continues, “What better way to fill up the government Exchanges than to drive individuals into them by continuing to impose the individual mandate with no delay, and delaying the employer mandate by letting employers wait one more year to offer insurance to individuals?”

Brase believes that once individuals are in a government Exchange getting government coverage and federal subsidies, it will be easier for employers to leave them there. Employers could choose to use government Exchanges instead of private insurance for coverage and willingly pay the penalty which is less than the cost of coverage. Either way, mass enrollment of the healthy and employed would set the Exchanges – national health care implementation centers -- on solid financial ground.


Twila Brase shares health care-related news with the American public in her daily, 60-second radio feature, Health Freedom Minute. Health Freedom Minute airs on the entire American Family Radio Network, with more than 150 stations nationwide, in addition to Bott Radio Network with over 80 stations nationwide. During the daily features, listeners can learn more about the agenda behind proposed health care initiatives and policies and what they can do to protect their health care choices, rights and privacy.

Brase, a public health nurse and health care freedom advocate, informs listeners of crucial health issues, such as the intrusive wellness and prevention initiatives in Obamacare, patient privacy and the need for informed consent requirements, the dangers of “evidence-based medicine” and the implications of state and federal health care reform.

Health Freedom Minute is sponsored by the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, a freedom-focused, patient-centered national health care organization based in St. Paul, Minn. CCHF supports patient and doctor freedom, medical innovation and the right of citizens to a confidential patient-doctor relationship.

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For more information or to interview Twila Brase, president and co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, contact  Deborah Hamilton, Hamilton Strategies, 215.519.4838, 610.584.1096, DHamilton@HamiltonStrategies.com

Twila Brase is president and co-founder of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom. She has been called one of the “100 Most Powerful People in Health Care” and one of “Minnesota’s 100 Most Influential Health Care Leaders.” The Council’s efforts have stopped government-issued treatment directives, added informed consent requirements for access to patient data and defeated a proposed Health Insurance Exchange. Brase’s daily radio commentary, Health Freedom Minute, is a 60-second radio address on pressing health care issues. She has been interviewed by CNN, Fox News, Minnesota Public Radio, NBC Nightly News, NBC’s Today Show, NPR, New York Public Radio, the Associated Press, Modern Healthcare, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Washington Times, among others.

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