We heard stories! We raised funds! It was a great event!

The special event with Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) began in the cozy sunroom of the beautiful Minneapolis Club. Sponsors spent an hour visiting with the Congressman on everything from politics to Louie's homemade barbeque ribs! An hour later, all attending were enjoying an Hors d'oeuvres Reception where they had a chance to meet the Congressman and bid on Silent Auction items followed by remarks from CCHF president Twila Brase and Congressman Gohmert. Guests also got a sneak peek at the billboards proposed for the upcoming CCHF billboard campaign instructing citizens to refuse to enroll in the state insurance exchanges. You may view photos of the event here: http://wingphoto.zenfolio.com/gohmertevent.
Twila Brase's comments to the group were full of compelling facts. She discussed the government intrusion, government control and the loss of personal privacy that comes with national health care under Obamacare. Twila expounded on the “Achilles’ heel” of Obamacare -- the state health exchanges, and how much money the government plans to spend in an attempt to drive citizens into the exchange enrollment. She said the upcoming media blitz is going to be like an election campaign, where the candidate is Obamacare.
However, if enough people refuse enrollment, she said the system and the law will fail. A failed state health exchange is the greatest fear of Obamacare architects and supporters. Hence, the large amount of federal, state and private industry money that is being budgeted to herd the unsuspecting and uninformed into the exchange where they lose choice, privacy, private insurance, and money.  She asked everyone to take, share, distribute and post CCHF’s “Refuse to Enroll” flier.
Congressman Louie Gohmert came with stories. He reminded us that we live in one of the most medically advanced nations on the earth and that rationed medical services would set us back hundreds of years where people will die waiting for routine procedures due to rationing.  He retold many personal stories shared by Canadians whose family members died while on waiting lists to receive simple and routine medical services. Louie shared from his heart how one of those procedures performed on his mother gave them an extra fifteen years with her.
As a former Chief Justice, the Congressman said the most sobering thing he has ever had to do was to hand down a death sentence. The rationing of medical services necessary for Obamacare is a death sentence for throngs of citizens, possibly ourselves. It is hard to imagine that Americans would support this system if they understood how it will be a death sentence to so many they know and love.
Citizens' Council for Health Freedom is working together with you for freedom. We will continue bringing you relevant speakers and the latest information on how you can protect yourself and your family's health freedom. Watch for news regarding our annual banquet likely in early November. Your support for CCHF helps you stay informed with the very latest information and engaged to support freedom.
Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who donated to CCHF. We enjoyed having you join us in this great endeavor for freedom’s cause. We are continuing to take your donations!