CCHF Targeted by Obamacare Supporters


August 7, 2013


The Obamacare battle isn’t over and liberals aren’t happy. Our “Refuse to Enroll” campaign against the government Exchanges is making national headlines…and generating unhappy emails and tweets.

This means we are being effective and pro-Obamacare liberals are scared.  They have millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to market Obamacare and drive the public into Obamacare Exchanges, yet CCHF is seen as a target they need to attack.
It all began when The Washington Post did an article, “Inside the Obamacare Resistance,” including a link to our “Refuse to Enroll” flier.  Then a  Bloomberg News editorial writer slammed our effort in “The Big Lie Goes After Obamacare,” and worriedly wrote, “This campaign would be amusing, if it didn’t stand a significant chance of actually persuading people to sacrifice their own health and finances for somebody else’s political cause.” But when asked by reporters in a national conference call with reporters, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, tried to dismiss our efforts in The Hufffington Post saying it’s “a pretty dismal effort underway.”
It’s your effort and ours…and it’s not dismal. It’s real.
And while the Christian Post wrote a fairly objective version of our campaign, The Maddow Blog at MSNBC claims that we’re part of a group of “Republican activists” who “want to destroy the federal health care system out of spite.”
They miss the point. CCHF is actually working to protect and preserve the best health care system in the world – the one that people all over the world come to when their socialized systems leave them waiting months or years for care. CCHF is working for all citizens regardless of their political stripe -- right, left, conservative, libertarian, progressive, reformed, independent, and even socialist. Because when you’re a patient, you most want to save your life, not burnish your political credentials. 
The battle against Obamacare cannot be lost. Obamacare does not care about patients. It’s a political system with a political agenda. It’s a one-size-fits-all, by-the-book (2,700-page law plus 20,000 pages of regulations) system. Obamacare is also a health plan’s dream. It creates a cozy partnership with HMOs (health plans), drives traditional insurance out of existance, and hands health plans a whopping $1 trillion over eight years -- 98% of all the new spending in Obamacare, according to a Bloomberg Government study.
Obamacare is a government takeover of health care. It’s a government takeover of your doctor, your hospital, your health plan, your insurance, your rights, your health and your freedom – and health plans are the government’s contractors hired to run the system for the Administration. 
There’s nothing good about having “coverage” if you can’t get care. There’s nothing good about coverage if the government decides what services you get, from whom, when you get them, where you get them -- or if you get them. There’s nothing good about a system that sets up an unconstitutional Board of 15 political appointees (IPAB) who will determine what medical services are “cost effective” and what services are not, and what if anything will be paid for either of them. This is a rationing board virtually outside of Congressional control.
There’s nothing good about a system that rations care according to political dictates or personal biases. Even worse, the national Obamacare system could prevent you from paying for the care that you need. Medicare already prohibits seniors from paying cash for care denied, unless the doctor drops all participation in Medicare. Federal control over health care only threatens to exacerbate this very real threat to life and health. The ACA guarantees rationing, playing favorites, and emphasizing politics over patient care.
Obamacare surveillance is another reason to oppose the law. Personal privacy, and with it individual freedom, will be gone under Obamacare. I like to say, “He who holds the data makes the rules.” Thus, there’s nothing good about a system that builds the largest federal database ever to compile data on individuals from state and federal government; a database that will be used to monitor your “risk score,” your income, your employment, your family size, your movements, and whether you’re pregnant or disabled. There’s nothing good about a health care system that lets the IRS access all this private data to impose a tax on people who choose to exercise their constitutional right to not buy insurance.
For the first time ever, the federal government will know the insurance status of every person in the United States. They’ll know who your insurer is, whether it’s from your employer, if you are a member of a health sharing organization, or if you are uninsured. This is the Obamacare surveillance system.
There is nothing good about Obamacare. For example:
  • Doctors are heading for the exits as 30 million more people gain “coverage cards.”
  • Employers are cutting worker’s hours, and limiting number of employees.
  • Insurance premium costs are skyrocketing.
  • New government workers will be everywhere, including in CVS pharmacies, badgering people to get enrolled (in California they’ll earn up to $58 per first time enrollee, $25 for renewals).
  • Many Exchange health plans provide limited access “narrow network” policies (ie. longer waits, fewer choices).
  • Taxes are being imposing on everything from tanning to prostheses.
  • Many of the President’s promises have already been shown to be empty.
  • Labor unions are finding their very existence threatened by the law.
We must all work together to make sure Obamacare never gets entrenched in America. We must stop the Obamacare Exchange system, the law’s primary implementation and tracking apparatus, by depriving it of enrollees and their dollars,
It’s not too late, and it’s absolutely essential.
And don’t forget to TAKE ACTION using the list we provide in the “Refuse to “Enroll” flier to counter the Obamacare media blitz coming your way.
Working to secure health freedom for all,
Twila Brase
President and Co-founder