CCHF Annual Fundraising Dinner - Paving the Way to Repeal!

Cost after November 4th: $125 Single or $200 Couple. 

For more information or to RSVP go to our Online Registration or call the office!

Special Limited Offer:   $25 for up to age 25!
Just one week to go! Join us for an enjoyable evening while you support CCHF and health freedom!
BRING A YOUNG FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND to our Paving the Way to Repeal fundraising event next Friday, November 15th.  CCHF is making a special $25 per seat offer to college-age students and young adults age 25 or under.
Let’s ensure that our youth understand what Obamacare is; a burden on their pocketbook, violation of their privacy and infringement of their very freedom.  BEFORE they are coerced into the exchange, let’s arm them with facts so that they can join the fight to save their future and their liberty! 
ONLY $25 per youth seat!!!
Limited seating still available! Call Barbara at 651-646-8935 before 2pm.

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