CCHFreedom is Paving the Way!

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom held its annual fundraising dinner on November 15th. “Paving the Way to Repeal” gathered like-minded individuals in Minneapolis to support the efforts of CCHF to stop Obamacare and end government intrusion in health care.
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) gave the keynote speech and Omaha-based KFAB radio personality Chris Baker acted as emcee. CCHF President Twila Brase laid out CCHF’s year of accomplishments -- and plan for 2014.
Chris Baker warmed up the crowd by discussing the threat Obamacare poses to the American people. Baker commended both Bachmann and CCHF for their passion in continuing to fight for repeal.
Bachmann was inspirational by saying repeal is not impossible. She shared several constituent stories of soaring premiums and cancelled insurance plans to illustrate the true nature of Obamacare while encouraging the crowd to continue pushing for repeal.
Brase shared stories of individuals who contact CCHFreedom and talked about CCHF's many accomplishments and a plan to stop Obamacare in 2014, the critical year to stop its implementation prior to its repeal.
Brase closed the evening with additional words of encouragement. “Obamacare will be repealed,” she said to the applause of the crowd. “But it’s going to take you, and me, and a platoon of people that refuse to give up.” Brase also discussed CCHF’s plan for health care. “It’s called the ‘5C’ plan,” said Brase. “And just to be clear: In our plan, if you like your freedom, you can keep your freedom.”

One young person attending said, "It's nice to see and hear such good speakers say what I think!"
In addition to the photo above, the event photographer got some great shots of various points of the evening. You might consider taking some time to peruse them. Here's a link to where you can look through the entire photographer's gallery and select any photos you want to collect for yourself:
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