Refuse to Enroll Billboard Campaign

Look for our billboard campaign appearing in various states nationwide!
CCHFreedom has initiated a new billboard campaign as part of our ongoing 'Refuse to Enroll' effort. The exchanges are the Achilles' heel of Obamacare. They are also the IRS enforcement centers, the federal takeover centers, and the insurance status surveillance centers. We are focused on stopping Obamacare by stopping the Obamacare exchanges. 
Top Four Reasons Not to Enroll in Exchanges

1.   No Private Insurance - Obamacare is "Medicaid for the middle class" - or as former CBO director    Douglas Holtz_Eakin calls the Exchange coverage: "a second Medicaid program."

2.   No Privacy - Data enters federal database accessible by IRS and various other state and federal government agencies.

3.   Limited Choice - Most coverage is "narrow network" or "ultra-narrow network" policies, limiting access to doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals.

4.    High Cost Premiums - To pay for multi-million dollars Exchange operations and for subsidizing high-cost individuals, the young and healthy will pay high-cost premiums for policies with high deductibles.

Click here for more information on the dangers of exchange enrollment and opportunities for you to take action.  
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We also have a Yard Sign option!


If you want to get involved by having your own yard sign or wish to provide them to your neighbors - just contact us with your information and we'll send your printer the artwork.

You can arrange for as many as you can put to use!




BE AWARE:  And if your state has its own Exchange (Covered California, Cover Oregon, Kynect, MNSure, to name a few), these government exchanges are ALL part of the national Obamacare exchange! They, as well as, are all "dummy terminals" connected to the system's "central server," the Federal Data Services Hub. And all the data collected on individuals, insurance agents, and others is stored in a single federal database regardless of which "dummy terminal" it came from. See diagram below:

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