The “Crimean Takeover” of Health Care


March 13, 2014
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Current events make interesting correlations. Russia’s Hitleresque plan to annex Crimea has similarities with the federal takeover of U.S. medicine.

The takeover began with Medicare -- where Congress has already prohibited patients from paying cash for care denied by Medicare.

Crimea’s location is special, and Putin’s planned takeover is no doubt strategic.

Crimea was given to Ukraine in 1954 to mark the 300th anniversary of Ukraine’s merger with the Russian empire. Now Vladimir Putin wants Crimea back. Although the pro-Moscow Ukrainian president was ousted, the Crimean government remains pro-Russia and voted to secede from Ukraine. An unconstitutional referendum to join Russia takes place on March 16. The last person to attempt such a takeover in Europe was Adolph Hitler.

Physicians are also special. They can control who lives and who dies. Unlike the overt takeover by Putin, the federal takeover of medicine by Congress and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is hidden in coding requirements, computerized treatment protocols, data collection, “fraud” inspections and “payment reform.” Check out the following comparisons and see if you don’t think a bigger battle is in order:


Ukrainian Crimea

U.S. Physicians

Russia’s Putin plans sudden annexation of Crimea.

Federal government is slowly annexing doctors through regulations.

Crimea is a key shipping port for Russia.

Doctors are portals to medical care.

In a coup, Crimea’s government was taken over by Moscow.

The 1965 single-payer coup (Medicare) let CMS control medical decisions.

Crimea’s population will become subject to Russian rule.

Patients and doctors are subject to CMS treatment and IPAB payment decisions.

The Russian invasion began yesterday.

Federal CMS controls/rules grow daily.

Russia’s invasion began by taking over border control stations.

CMS invasion into clinics began with Medicare enactment (federal payment).

Ukraine forces barricade themselves against advancing pro-Russians.

Doctors in clinics struggle against federal encroachment in treatment decisions.

Putin claims the takeover will ensure the “legal interests” of the population.

CMS imposes “quality measurement” surveillance to “protect” patients.

250 anti-Russian protestors have disappeared.

Physicians accused of the smallest billing errors disappear into prison for “fraud.”

Russia raises Ukraine’s price of oil to make military resistance more difficult.

CMS forces doctors to use EMRs or face reduced payments (2009 Recovery Act)

Pro-Russian forces assault Pro-Ukrainian demonstrators.

Federal “strike forces” enter clinics with guns drawn, in search of “fraud.”

Ukraine’s minority Tatars fear being thrown out of their homeland again.

Elderly and disabled patients fear rationing of needed medical care.

Russia exerts military dominance.

CMS exerts financial force/police power.

Tatars ask “Will Barack Obama help us?”

U.S. President Barack Obama advanced the federal takeover through Obamacare.


Like the U.S. may need to help Crimea stay free, patients need to help doctors go free. Support physicians who know their ethical obligation is to serve you, not a socialized medicine regime. Recognize the controls available to patient and doctor through cash, check or charge -- and encourage your doctor to “go cash.”

Donate today to CCH Freedom. Support our efforts to resist the federal regime and stop the takeover --- before you no longer have a choice.

Partnering with you to resist the takeover,

Twila Brase

President and Co-founder