Will They “Value” Your Life?



July 30, 2014
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Government wants doctors paid for “value.” On July 1, Politico held a briefing called “Value vs. Volume.” Data-crunchers, in cahoots with government, say access to our private medical data can be used to pay doctors for “value,” instead of for the services they provide to patients.

Amazingly, they believe doctors should work according to government and corporate values -- which could include rationing -- and without knowing if they’ll get paid. “Value-based purchasing” is key to Obamacare controls (Sec. 3001). Enforcement includes penalties on doctors that don’t report “quality measurement” data to the government (Sec. 3002).

This is serfdom.

Republicans are also to blame. John McCain proposed a “value-driven” health care system and former U.S. Senator majority leader Bill Frist and former Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote, “The most powerful way to reduce costs (and make room to expand coverage) is to shift away from ‘volume-based’ reimbursement (the more you do, the more money you make) to ‘value-based’ reimbursement.”

This all-points control system, including its onerous, expensive reporting requirements, will persuade more doctors to leave medicine. It will also act as a coercive force, encouraging doctors trapped by medical school debt to violate professional and medical ethics. Patient lives and physician autonomy are in jeopardy because:

1)   Congress enacted Medicare.

The U.S. Constitution does not authorize the federal government to run health care. The Founders knew our very lives depend on health freedom. But Congress enacted Medicare in 1965 to move toward a single-payer system.

2)   Physicians accepted government money.

Many doctors, instead of refusing to participate in Medicare, increased their fees to take advantage of the new unlimited government payments. And now, 132,000 Medicare regulations later, if physicians refuse to install interoperable electronic medical records on ALL patients, Medicare will dock their pay beginning in 2015.

3)   Citizens gave up control over their health care dollars.

Employees gave up wages, letting employers decide the kind and cost of their you-can’t-take-it-with-you coverage.  Seniors gave up private insurance, allowing the federal government to impose medical decisions.  Individuals gave up true insurance (catastrophic coverage), allowing prepaid HealthPlans to centralize dollars, data, and decision-making in one of the nation’s largest ongoing wealth transfers.

How will you protect yourself? The sooner citizens find a cash-for-care doctor, the more protected they’ll be from government-corrupted medicine. The sooner physicians transition to cash, the better position they’ll be in legally, financially, and ethically as patients search for someone they can trust. Consider requesting your entire employee compensation in cash, joining a health-sharing organization, saving more, and leaving your Obamacare-priced, wealth-redistribution policy behind.

Make financial decisions according to your values. Someday the taskmasters of your value-paid doctor may not value your life. Find a doctor who accepts private pay – and values your life as much as you do. Don’t miss our “5C” solution for health care.

Offering a way out for patients and doctors,

Twila Brase

President and Cofounder