Give to the Max Day: Nov 13, 2014



November 2014

Dear Friend of Freedom,

November 13 is a very important day!

Thanks to a $12,000 matching grant from a generous donor, your donations to Citizens' Council for Health Freedom will be DOUBLED on Give to the Max Day, Thursday, November 13.

Every dollar you give, for the first $12,000, will be matched for a total raised of $24,000. Our goal for this 24-hour event is at least $25,000, so please join us in raising funds for CCHF by doubling your donation on Thursday November 13!

Your financial support will allow us to continue to lead the charge for health freedom through CCHF’s "Health Freedom Minute" daily radio program (349 stations in 41 states), our work at the Minnesota state legislature and three critically-important national campaigns:

1.     “Refuse to Enroll in Obamacare” campaign (

2.     “Stop Government Grab of Baby DNA” campaign (

3.     “Refuse to Sign HIPAA” medical privacy campaign (

OBAMACARE: CCHF’s “refuse to enroll” campaign is aimed at Obamacare’s Achilles' heel: the federal Exchange and its 14-state feeder system, the state-based, data-collecting websites (e.g. MNsure, Covered California, Kynect). The Obama administration is using this cyber system to impose Obamacare nationwide. 

However, if people refuse to enroll, the system will self-destruct. By law, the exchange and its feeder websites run out of federal money on December 31, 2014. To stay alive, they need millions of dollars from exchange (Obamacare) enrollees. CCHF’s message: Refuse to enroll!

BABY DNA: Newborn DNA, taken for state government newborn screening programs, has been claimed as state government property. CCHF’s efforts to require parent consent for storage, use and sharing of Baby DNA have led to successful lawsuits, state destruction of stored Baby DNA (MN, TX), and more parent rights. But 14 states (including MN) now keep Baby DNA indefinitely without parent consent.

Furthermore, the U.S. Senate is trying to pass H.R. 1281, a $99.5 million bill to fund state newborn screening programs. Currently it has no parent consent requirements for storage, use, sharing and analysis of Baby DNA. CCHF is working hard to get consent requirements added to the bill.

MEDICAL PRIVACY: President Obama has mandated the computerization of all medical records and required easy access to patient data, thus eliminating patient privacy and imposing outside controls on physician medical decisions. Under federal laws, including HIPAA, 2.2 million entities have access to your medical records without your consent. Government officials and health plans are using this confidential data to tie the hands of doctors.

Clinic and hospital “HIPAA privacy forms” are meant to convince you that you have privacy when you have none. No law requires you to sign the form, and a federal web page tells doctors what to do when you refuse. As a result of our “refuse to sign HIPAA” campaign -- our first initiative in a broader “truth about HIPAA” campaign -- patients nationwide are refusing to sign and using our online “HIPAA story” button to tell CCHF what happened when they refused.

Your financial support today will allow CCHF to continue these important efforts to protect and restore health freedom in America.

REMEMBER: Double your gift on Thursday, November 13 during this special fundraising day for all non-profits located in Minnesota!! 

Our national organization is based in Minnesota but you don’t have to live in Minnesota to donate. Our efforts are local and national so support us wherever you live!

Will you be gone away day?  You can schedule your gift on this page between Nov 1 and Nov 13 to make sure it arrives during these critical 24 hours!

Please give generously during this special 24-hour giving opportunity. CCHF receives NO government grants. We depend solely on you!

If you have any questions about CCHF or about donating to our non-profit 501(c)3 organization, feel free to contact us at 651.646.8935 or e-mail

Working with you to keep America free,

Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-Founder
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF)

P.S. Don’t forget to donate on Give to the Max Day to DOUBLE your donation! Imagine the repeal of Obamacare; imagine newborn citizens free from government genetic analysis. Then give generously so CCHF can work to make it happen!

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