10 Harmful Ways Gov’t Will Use Your Data

December 17, 2014

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First, two announcements! Don’t miss our Baby DNA win in Congress (see HERE). And second, on Monday, CCH Freedom released our first publication of stories on “The HIPAA Privacy Deception.”  In short, there’s no privacy. HIPAA is not what people think it is.

The 12 stories came from people who legally refused to sign the so-called “HIPAA privacy form” at their clinic or hospital. For example, Debra in New York wrote a story we titled, “Blood Oozes During the HIPAA Standoff.”
Please refuse to sign the HIPAA form and share your story at MyHIPAAstory.com. Also, send us stories about how HIPAA violated your privacy, or kept you away from information that could have helped a spouse or a child.
HIPAA is why there’s a new plan to share your data. A 28-page federal document proposes to share your medical records with 37 federal agencies. (See graphic of the week below). The deadline for public comments on this sweeping intrusion is Friday, February 6, 2015. Go here to tell them what you think.
Without privacy, you have no control. He who holds the data makes the rules. The Obama administration is gathering your data to seize control of your doctor. The 2009 mandate for every doctor to have electronic health records (EHRs) was considered foundational to imposing Obamacare. Even though the administration can’t protect your privacy after they violated it, they claim,
“The government will provide oversight and guidance to ensure that stakeholders adhere to laws that protect the privacy and security of health information.”
More control will come if ICD-10 is implemented. Today doctors use ICD-9. The Obama administration says, “ICD-10 is the foundation for health care reform.”  The ICD-10 diagnosis coding system includes codes for almost every detail of your diagnosis, including your behavior and physical appearance. If ICD-10 is not stopped, the number of profiling codes will expand from 17,000 today to 155,000 on October 1, 2015.
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn says, “Delay it forever.” The AMA, citing huge costs to transition, wants it delayed too, but GOP Congressmen Fred Upton and Pete Sessions, chairs of key committees, recently called ICD-10 a priority of Health IT.
Here are just 10 ways government may use your data, ICD-10, mandated EHRs and Health IT to harm you:
  1. Research conducted on all Americans to develop standardized protocols.
  2. Standardized treatment protocols imposed on non-standardized patients.
  3. Research-based health care rationing according to your productivity, age, etc.
  4. Penalties on doctors who refuse to follow one-size-fits-all treatment protocols.
  5. “Team-based care” directed by computerized protocols, not your physician.
  6. Charging doctors with fraud if fail to follow standardized treatment protocols.
  7. Eliminating medical innovation through standardized treatment protocols.
  8. Using race/sexual orientation data to accuse doctors of civil rights violations.
  9. Locating the uninsured and the unvaccinated for penalties and enforcement.
  10. Genetic and medical profiling of individuals and families.
ACTION ITEM: When you see a clinician, ask them: 1) what one person is in charge of your care; 2) are they following a computerized treatment protocol; 3) is there a treatment better suited for you, and if so, why are they not prescribing it; and 4) are they being “scored” (measured) on any treatments they just prescribed for you.
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Protecting your right to individualized care,
Twila Brase, RN, PHN
President and Co-founder