I Oppose the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange!

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HF 497 - MN Health Insurance Exchange (2011 Legislature) - Five Major Concerns

I, the undersigned citizen oppose HF 497 (Gottwalt-R), HF 1204 (Murphy-D), and SF 917 (Berglin-D) because the bills would establish an Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange which will:

  • Enact federal 'command and control' structure in Minnesota. A state Exchange is a government-established entity that must follow federal Obamacare requirements. For example, only certain types of health plans are allowed (no major medical plans), all private data on individuals (income, medical, employment, insurance status) becomes government data, and health plans in the Exchange must offer the benefits determined by the federal government to be "essential benefits," even if the individual does not want to pay for them.
  • Create 'Lynchpin' of Obamacare. The Health Insurance Exchange has been called the:
    • "lynchpin" of reform (Deloitte)
    • "glue" that holds Obamacare together (CAE)
    • "centerpiece" of the ACA (Deloitte)
    • "most important aspect of health care reform" (The Washington Post).
  • Establish an IRS 'Policeman' for Insurance Mandate. The federal government will use the Exchange to enforce the unconstitutional requirement that everyone purchase government-approved health insurance. According to the testimony of an expert, 700 pages of Obamacare are a re-write of IRS code to allow extensive, real-time data-sharing through the Exchange to determine individual incomes, eligibility for tax credits, and compliance with the "credible coverage" mandate - the Obamacare requirement to buy health insurance.
  • Embed a 'Defacto' Federal Exchange into Minnesota. States that refuse to create a state exchange will have a federal Exchange imposed, however, a state Exchange will become a defacto federal Exchange. The MN GOP state Exchange bill mentions the federal law (Obamacare) 38 times. The DFL bills mention it 24 times. The federal government limits state flexibility in state Exchanges: states can only limit participation of insurers, include more benefits, adopt their own governance structure and operational philosophy, or create a single-payer system. FL, LA, GA have refused to create an Exchange. PA & NM may follow.
  • Establish a Permanent Exchange in Minnesota even if Obamacare is Repealed or Ruled Unconstitutional. Once the Minnesota Dept. of Commerce spends $52 million to create an Exchange, and the private sector invests to transition into it, it will be difficult to stop, even with a sunset clause. Judge Vinson says any state implementation will make it difficult to undo Obamacare --- even if the law is ruled to be unconstitutional.


September 29th, 2022
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PDF version to download, copy and distribute