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December 2019

12/12/19 Hospital Replaces Physicians with Nurses PDF
12/13/19 Have Climate Extremists Decided to Use Babies? PDF
12/11/19 The Wedge Makes Doctor Visit Easy PDF
12/10/19 Amazon Enters the Exam Room PDF
12/09/19 Thanks to YOU, we’re in Washington, D.C. Today PDF
12/06/19 Lucrative Scam Based on Fake Savings PDF
12/05/19 The “Giant Hospital Bill” Scam PDF
12/04/19 “Blue-Collar Concierge Medicine” PDF
12/03/19 VA Exposes Veteran’s Spouses and Children to Identity Theft PDF
12/02/19 CCHF President Opposes “Quality” Measurement at HHS Quality Summit PDF

November 2019

11/29/19 Should Doctors and Nurses Be Paid the Same? PDF
11/28/19 50 Million Patients in 21 States Exposed PDF
11/27/19 Bad Bill Would End Access to Lower-Priced Care PDF
11/26/19 Hospital Transparency—Let the Shopping Begin! PDF
11/25/19 Trump Tackles Price Transparency PDF
11/22/19 “OK, Boomer” Retort Portends Danger for Elderly PDF
11/21/19 What if You Want a Physician? PDF
11/20/19 Congress Can’t Fix “Surprise Medical Bills” PDF
11/19/19 Call Now—Oppose National Patient-Tracking Number PDF
11/18/19 Judge Vacates Trump “Freedom of Conscience” Rule PDF
11/15/19 Call NOW to Stop National Patient ID! PDF
11/14/19 All Because of YOU—$20K Match—Donate By Midnight! PDF
11/13/19 Protect Baby DNA—Donate to CCHF by Tomorrow! PDF
11/12/19 We Have $20K MATCH —Donate to Stop National Patient-Tracking Number! PDF
11/11/19 Stop Medicare for All — Give to CCHF By November 14 PDF
11/08/19 Oppose the National Patient-Tracking Number! PDF
11/07/19 SEVEN DAYS TO GO Donate to Support Health Freedom Minute Radio PDF
11/06/19 Find a Physician Who Refuses a National Patient-Tracking Number PDF
11/05/19 Help CCHF Make the $20K MATCH PDF
11/04/19 What is Scarier Than Halloween? PDF
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December 12th, 2019