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December 2022

12/02/22 Judge Forces Fauci to Be Deposed PDF
12/01/22 Dangerous Incentive to Intubate Patients PDF

November 2022

11/30/22 Was Covid-19 a Pre-Meditated Pandemic? PDF
11/29/22 Escape to Medical Freedom PDF
11/28/22 Important Letter from a Physician PDF
11/25/22 Are Electronic Health Records Controlling Your Doctors? PDF
11/24/22 Be Thankful the Tide is Turning PDF
11/23/22 Wasted Ink on Health Disparity Narrative PDF
11/22/22 There's Something Amiss at the Pharmacy PDF
11/21/22 Are Patients Harmed by ACA Readmission Penalties? PDF
11/18/22 Why Do Hackers Steal Medical Records? PDF
11/17/22 Vax Mandate Leads to Healthcare Worker Shortages PDF
11/16/22 Meet Five New Wedge Practices PDF
11/15/22 Obamacare – The Taxpayer Boondoggle PDF
11/14/22 Supreme Court Lets TSA Impose Masks PDF
11/11/22 Euthanasia Claims More Victims PDF
11/10/22 Don't Believe Shoddy Ivermectin Study PDF
11/09/22 Hippocratic Oath Goes Woke PDF
11/08/22 Is Emily Afraid? PDF
11/07/22 CDC Cancels Women PDF
11/04/22 Court Denies Canadian's Right to Private Care PDF
11/03/22 Judge Forces Fauci to Be Deposed PDF
11/02/22 Judge Forces NYC to Rehire Unvvaxxed Employees PDF
11/01/22 They Lied About Stopping Transmission PDF

October 2022

10/31/22 Will the CDC Protect Children or the Vaccine Industry? PDF
10/28/22 The Truth About Electronic Prescriptions PDF
10/27/22 Call A Covid-Care Doctor if You're Still Suffering PDF
10/26/22 Are You Ready for a New Health Care System? PDF
10/25/22 "They did not need to die." PDF
10/24/22 Dangerous Incentive to Intubate Patients PDF
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December 2nd, 2022