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June 2023

06/02/23 Should Hospitals Focus on Care or Diversity? PDF
06/01/23 Is Climate Change a “Public Health Crisis”? PDF

May 2023

05/31/23 Could Aspirin Have Cut COVID Deaths in Half? PDF
05/30/23 Woke Ideologies Infiltrate the Exam Room PDF
05/29/23 Honoring Those Who Fought for Our Freedom PDF
05/26/23 Insured Patient Gets $229,000 Hospital Bill PDF
05/25/23 GoodRx Banned from Selling Your Health Data PDF
05/24/23 Hospitals Want to Charge More for Same Care  PDF
05/23/23 The “Genetic Privacy Law” that Gives Away Your DNA PDF
05/22/23 Masks Harbor Fungus and Bacteria: Study PDF
05/19/23 Congress Made Your Health Data Vulnerable to Hackers PDF
05/18/23 GA Requires NPs/PAs to Tell Patients They’re Not Doctors PDF
05/17/23 Find a Real Doctor PDF
05/16/23 Thank Congress for Pandemic Paralysis PDF
05/15/23 FDA is Coming for Your Medical Record PDF
05/12/23 Lawyer Finds Way to Sue for Remdesivir Deaths PDF
05/11/23 Six States Offer Affordable Farm Bureau Health Plans PDF
05/10/23 Patients at Risk as Non-physicians Replace Physicians PDF
05/09/23 Will Medicare Negotiations Mean Fewer Drugs? PDF
05/08/23 Did Court Ruling Cause Federal Website to Disappear? PDF
05/05/23 Home Care or Corporate Profiteering? PDF
05/04/23 Court Ruling Causes Federal Website to Disappear PDF
05/03/23 Health Plans Are Buying Physician Practices PDF
05/02/23 Six Covid News Blasts PDF
05/01/23 Mayday for Medicine PDF

April 2023

04/28/23 HIPAA: You Can Ask, But They Don't Have to Tell PDF
04/27/23 Your Medical Data is Their Golden Goose PDF
04/26/23 Forget HIPAA – Use The WEDGE PDF
04/25/23 Ask State Legislators to Pass STATE Medical Privacy Law PDF
04/24/23 Consent is Missing in Action in HIPAA PDF
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June 2nd, 2023