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October 2023

10/06/23 Obamacare Destroys Competition PDF
10/05/23 Arkansas Governor Bans COVID Shot Mandates PDF
10/04/23 California “Medical Gag Law” Gagged PDF
10/03/23 This is Not a Study – It’s Propaganda PDF
10/02/23 Do You Trust Unproven mRNA to Fight Cancer? PDF

September 2023

09/29/23 Tell Them “Covid 2.No!” PDF
09/28/23 Unengaged Nurses Can Endanger Patients PDF
09/27/23 Court Says Doctors Can Sue FDA on Ivermectin Tweets PDF
09/26/23 CDC Hid Truth on Plummeting Vaccine Effectiveness PDF
09/25/23 The Left’s Racist “Health Disparities” Agenda PDF
09/22/23 Monthly “Health Freedom Day” to Reverse Tyranny? PDF
09/21/23 As the Lies Begin, Let’s Hope Reason Prevails PDF
09/20/23 Why Doctors Should Use Their Own Brains PDF
09/19/23 Dr. Scott Atlas Still Talking Truth About COVID PDF
09/18/23 Dr Fauci Claims His Own Mask Science PDF
09/15/23 Drug Price Negotiation with Medicare is Bad Idea PDF
09/14/23 Fauci Knew PDF
09/13/23 Resurrection of the COVID Coup PDF
09/12/23 Did CDC Commit Malfeasance? PDF
09/11/23 Tyrants are Terrorists PDF
09/08/23 Painful Medicare Realities PDF
09/07/23 Mississippi Gov. Stands Against Masks, COVID Rules PDF
09/06/23 Beware Toxic Chemicals in N95 Masks PDF
09/05/23 “Misinformation Media” Fails to Self-Convict PDF
09/04/23 Update on COVID Shot Adverse Events Data PDF
09/01/23 Nurses Sue to Be Called “Doctors” PDF

August 2023

08/31/23 Be Thankful for 52 “Good Apple” Doctors PDF
08/30/23 Unionized Doctors are Socialized Doctors PDF
08/29/23 Ivermectin is Wildly Safe, Case Report Shows PDF
08/28/23 FDA Claims Ivermectin Tweets Were Not Commands PDF
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October 4th, 2023