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April 2021

04/16/21 HIPAA Part V -- Controlling Doctors, not Improving Care PDF
04/15/21 HIPAA Part IV -- Ask for a State Privacy Law PDF
04/14/21 HIPAA Part III - 2.2M on Approved “Outsider’s List” PDF
04/13/21 HIPAA Part II -- National Identifiers; National Surveillance PDF
04/12/21 HIPAA Part I - Ending Privacy Rights PDF
04/09/21 Why Do They Call it a ‘Jab’? PDF
04/08/21 Fauci is Forgetting About Natural Immunity PDF
04/07/21 Is the Vaccine Distracting Us From the Cure? PDF
04/06/21 Where are the States with Freedom? PDF
04/05/21 Florida Governor to Ban Vaccine Passports PDF
04/02/21 Are All Counties Inflating COVID Death Numbers? PDF
04/01/21 HIPAA is the Biggest April Fool’s Joke PDF

March 2021

03/31/21 BENSON Bill: Keeping Your Covid-19 Status Private PDF
03/30/21 COVID-19, Obesity and Being Overweight PDF
03/29/21 Masks Don’t Stop Aerosolized Viruses PDF
03/26/21 “Hacking the Software of Life” PDF
03/25/21 First Vaccine Lawsuit Against Employer PDF
03/24/21 Mad Rush to Demand Vaccination Certificates PDF
03/23/21 What If Elected Republicans Fought Single-Mindedly For Freedom? PDF
03/22/21 No Evidence of Hospitalization and Death from Variants PDF
03/19/21 Seven Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine PDF
03/18/21 One Year of Lockdowns is Enough PDF
03/17/21 Truth About COVID-19 Deaths PDF
03/16/21 The Vaccinated Get a New Superpower PDF
03/15/21 No Rescue in Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” PDF
03/12/21 Masks Failed to Stop 1918 Spanish Flu PDF
03/11/21 Can Employers Force Me to Submit to COVID-19 Testing? PDF
03/10/21 Will COVID-19 Lead to Injectable Biosensors? PDF
03/09/21 Fake Flu Deaths — Fake COVID Deaths PDF
03/08/21 The Hidden National Health Surveillance System PDF
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April 14th, 2021