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May 2022

05/27/22 The Pain of Paxlovid PDF
05/26/22 Why Will Public Health Emergency Be Renewed? PDF
05/25/22 Pharmacies Join THE WEDGE PDF
05/24/22 Lets Get Out of the W.H.O. PDF
05/23/22 Ivermectin Available OTC in Tennessee PDF
05/20/22 Patients Have the Most to Lose PDF
05/19/22 Dr. Osterholm Debunks Airplane Mask Mandate PDF
05/18/22 Is Your Doctor Really Your Doctor? PDF
05/17/22 Will Oregon Be Medical Suicide Mecca? PDF
05/16/22 Vaccine Effectiveness Plummets PDF
05/13/22 No Vaccine Safety Data for Pregnant Women PDF
05/12/22 Will the Unvaxxed be Double Taxed? PDF
05/11/22 Overseas Abortion Pills vs. Ivermectin PDF
05/10/22 Medical Care Wrongly Denied by Medicare Advantage Plans PDF
05/09/22 Cellphones Used to Track Lockdown Compliance PDF
05/06/22 Lawsuit Against Healthcare Price-Fixing Law PDF
05/05/22 CCHF Responds to Federal Request on Covid “Misinformation” PDF
05/04/22 Private Good Samaritan Option for Prescriptions PDF
05/03/22 Should You Get Vaccine After Covid Infection? PDF
05/02/22 The W.H.O. Schemes for Global Control PDF

April 2022

04/29/22 The Left Admits Truth About Masks and Vaccines PDF
04/28/22 Biden Aims to Violate Conscience of Health Care Workers PDF
04/27/22 Arbitrary and Capricious Exceptions PDF
04/26/22 Dangerous Cancers Found Late — Due to Shutdowns PDF
04/25/22 You’ll Have to Fight for Face Freedom PDF
04/22/22 Resist the “Health Equity” Agenda PDF
04/21/22 Beware of Good Words to Sell Bad Policy PDF
04/20/22 The VA-DOD Medical Records Fiasco PDF
04/19/22 We Never Needed Fauci’s Permission PDF
04/18/22 Globalists See COVID-19 as Opportunity PDF
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May 25th, 2022