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December 2021

12/03/21 The Great Resist PDF
12/02/21 Who Will Stop the Dangerous Pfizer Injection? PDF
12/01/21 Is the FDA Building Profits for Pfizer? PDF

November 2021

11/30/21 The Dangers of Algorithm Based Medicine PDF
11/29/21 Witch Hunts in Health Care PDF
11/26/21 Parents Must Be the Adults in the Room PDF
11/25/21 Be Thankful You Don't Live in Austria PDF
11/24/21 OSHA Suspends Biden Vaccine Mandate PDF
11/23/21 Waiting is Deadly PDF
11/22/21 CDC Deceit on Natural Immunity Exposed PDF
11/19/21 Doctor Only Accepts New Unvaccinated Patients PDF
11/18/21 The Truth About Ivermectin PDF
11/17/21 Lawsuit Filed Against Hospital Banning Life-Saving Drugs for Covid PDF
11/16/21 Whistleblower Says Pfizer Falsified Study Data PDF
11/15/21 Conflicts of Interest in Covid Treatment PDF
11/12/21 Does the Deterioration Index Harm Patients? PDF
11/11/21 Early Treatment Kit May Save Your Life PDF
11/10/21 Is Nuremberg Happening Again? PDF
11/09/21 Why Are Americans Complying With Tyranny? PDF
11/08/21 CDC Manipulates Definition of Vaccine PDF
11/05/21 Groundswell of Freedom Opposing Vaccine Mandates PDF
11/04/21 Ruling Supporting Religious Exemption is Not Enough PDF
11/03/21 Hospital Refuses Transplant for Unvaxxed Woman PDF
11/02/21 People are Dying Why is Ivermectin Banned PDF
11/01/21 Chicago School District Blinks PDF

October 2021

10/29/21 Covid Task Force Imposed Destruction and Death. PDF
10/28/21 Four Reasons Why Vaccine Mandates are Troubling PDF
10/27/21 Why are We Swabbing Everyones Throats PDF
10/26/21 Boosters or Natural Immunity PDF
10/25/21 Dr. Scott Atlas on Child Vaccination Mandates PDF
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December 6th, 2021