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October 2021

10/01/21 CCHF Dont Be Bullied Billboard Goes National PDF

September 2021

09/30/21 HHS Climate Change Office Will Hurt Patient Care PDF
09/29/21 Budesonide Inhaler Led to Accidental Covid Cure PDF
09/28/21 Study Masks Dont Stop Covid from Spreading PDF
09/27/21 CDC Fails to Follow Own Study on Masking Children PDF
09/24/21 Cash Based Pharmacy Open in Ohio PDF
09/23/21 ‘Critical Race Theory’ Invades Health Care PDF
09/22/21 HIPAA Controlling Doctors Not Improving Care PDF
09/21/21 HIPAA Ask for a State Privacy Law PDF
09/20/21 HIPAA National Identifiers National Surveillance PDF
09/17/21 Are You Playing Russian Roulette? PDF
09/16/21 Get Ivermectin While You Can PDF
09/15/21 Why Did Respiratory Therapist Ignore Early Treatment? PDF
09/14/21 Ohio Court Requires Ivermectin Be Given PDF
09/13/21 Natural Immunity Much Higher than Vaccine Immunity PDF
09/10/21 Algorithm-Directed Patient Care Needs Scrutiny PDF
09/09/21 Right to Fly Under Attack PDF
09/08/21 Lockdown Lunacy Down Under PDF
09/07/21 The Spike Protein Goes Where? PDF
09/06/21 Get Back to Work PDF
09/03/21 Discriminating Against Uninjected Students PDF
09/02/21 Savings Can Protect Against Covid Coercion PDF
09/01/21 CCHF Offers Three COVID-19 Resources PDF

August 2021

08/31/21 Delta Airlines Turns the Screws on the Un-injected PDF
08/30/21 The “Fake” FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine PDF
08/27/21 AZ Governor Will Punish Schools With Covid Restrictions PDF
08/26/21 Do Covid Shots Lead to Microscopic Clots? PDF
08/25/21 Make Ivermectin Available Over the Counter! PDF
08/24/21 Do You Feel the Net Closing In? PDF
08/23/21 Are the “Unvaccinated” Terrorists? PDF
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September 23rd, 2021