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March 2023

03/31/23 Lab Finds High Levels of DNA in Covid Shots PDF
03/30/23 Electrical Charges in Covid Shot May Cause Clotting PDF
03/29/23 Parallel System of Health Freedom is Growing! PDF
03/28/23 Physician Assistant Fired for Reporting Vaccine Injuries PDF
03/27/23 What Officials Are Not Immune From Liability? PDF
03/24/23 There's a War on Doctors, But You're the Target PDF
03/23/23 Obamacare Socialism Turns 13 Today PDF
03/22/23 UnitedHealthCare Treatment Denial Tactics PDF
03/21/23 Will New Codes Establish U.S. Vaccine Passport? PDF
03/20/23 Russian Roulette: Taking the Covid Shot PDF
03/17/23 10,000 Ways to Kill the Practice of Medicine PDF
03/16/23 Clots are Like Rubber Bands, Says Pathologist PDF
03/15/23 Find a Doctor Who's Not Burned Out PDF
03/14/23 Patient Charged for Asking Wrong Questions PDF
03/13/23 Four Facts about the Covid Shot PDF
03/10/23 Vitamin D Protected Against COVID ICU Admissions PDF
03/09/23 STUDY: Masks Make “Little to No Difference” in Covid PDF
03/08/23 Find a Doctor Who Works for You PDF
03/07/23 “We Were Wrong.” PDF
03/06/23 Thank These Democrats PDF
03/03/23 McCullough Wins $1 Million Lawsuit PDF
03/02/23 Should Government Set “Standards of Care”? PDF
03/01/23 Save Your Life. Find an Innovative Doctor. PDF

February 2023

02/28/23 Say No to “The Digital ID Act” PDF
02/27/23 “Never Again” Bills Your State Should Pass PDF
02/24/23 Ivermectin Case Heard in Wisconsin Court PDF
02/23/23 CDC Wants Public Trust But Expands Surveillance PDF
02/22/23 How Inexpensive Could Health Care Be? PDF
02/21/23 Congress is Replacing Physicians With Non-Physicians PDF
02/20/23 Why Are Doctors Leaving? PDF
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March 29th, 2023