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June 2021

06/25/21 Heart Problems Post-Vaccination Alarm CDC PDF
06/24/21 Can Organs Be Taken Without Your Consent? PDF
06/23/21 COVID-19 was “Taught” to Easily Transmit PDF
06/22/21 “Treat First. Test Later!” PDF
06/21/21 No Need to Vaccinate the Already Infected PDF
06/18/21 The Unsung Heroes Saving Humanity PDF
06/17/21 Stopping Long Haul Covid PDF
06/16/21 Unique Walking Therapy to Stop Covid Clots PDF
06/15/21 COVID-19 is Inflammatory and Clotting Disease. PDF
06/14/21 If You Have Symptoms Don't Wait for Test Results. PDF
06/11/21 Is Covid-19 a Test for Chinese Biological War? PDF
06/10/21 Masks, Manipulation, and Dr. Fauci PDF
06/09/21 Fauci Emails on Display PDF
06/08/21 Fauci and “Gain of Function” Research PDF
06/07/21 Should “Gain of Function” Research Be Stopped? PDF
06/04/21 How Many True Cases of COVID-19? PDF
06/03/21 ‘Critical Race Theory’ Invades Health Care PDF
06/02/21 “Health Equity” Advances Socialism and Marxism PDF
06/01/21 Vaccine Passports - Where are the Governors? PDF

May 2021

05/31/21 OSHA Reversal on Vaccine Injury PDF
05/28/21 Colossal Waste of COVID-19 Funds PDF
05/27/21 Are You “Empowered” to Wear a Mask? PDF
05/26/21 Masks Used to Mark Political Identity PDF
05/25/21 OSHA Warns Employers of Vaccine Liability PDF
05/24/21 “Vaccine Hesitancy” is a Deceptive Word PDF
05/21/21 Medical Records of 200,000 Veterans Exposed Online PDF
05/20/21 Will College Students Protest Vaccine Mandates? PDF
05/19/21 132 Covered Patients Choose Cash-Based Physician PDF
05/18/21 CDC Encourages Children to Ask for Vaccine PDF
05/17/21 Will Young Americans Resist Digital Controls? PDF
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June 21st, 2021