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August 2015

08/03/15 Obamacare to Punish Companies With Younger Workers PDF

July 2015

07/31/15 Patient Profiling at the Doctors Office PDF
07/30/15 Will We Need an EHR Injury Fund? PDF
07/29/15 States Have Buyer's Regret on ACA Medicaid Expansion PDF
07/28/15 Woman Shocked by $38,000 Outpatient Fee PDF
07/27/15 The Insured are Skipping Care PDF
07/24/15 Census Change Keeps Obamacare Impact Hidden PDF
07/23/15 Health Plan Profits Come From Government Programs PDF
07/22/15 Trans Fat Restrictions Could Lead to More Government Control Over Food Production PDF
07/21/15 Union Negotiations Increase Health Plan Profits PDF
07/20/15 EHRs Are Experiment on Patients PDF
07/17/15 The AHRQ That Should Be Sunk PDF
07/16/15 Obama and Roberts Excel at Jiggery-Pokery PDF
07/15/15 Three GOP Camps Post-Obamacare Ruling PDF
07/14/15 The Federal Government Is Tracking Your Credit Card Transactions PDF
07/13/15 Feds Fess Up to More Employee Records Hacked PDF
07/10/15 More Pinocchios Please PDF
07/09/15 Could the Six Pro-ACA Justices Be Impeached? PDF
07/08/15 Read Scalia's Colorful Dissent Youself PDF
07/07/15 Roberts' Claims are Pure Applesauce PDF
07/06/15 After the Obamacare Ruling PDF
07/03/15 Tomorrow is the 239th Anniversary of Freedom PDF
07/02/15 EHRs Hurt Nurses and Patient Care PDF
07/01/15 Billion in Obamacare Subsidies in Question PDF

June 2015

06/30/15 Say No to a National Highway System of Patient Records PDF
06/29/15 Stealing From You and Your Doctor PDF
06/26/15 GOP Plan to Shut Down Pro-Obamacare Agency PDF
06/25/15 Huge Insurers Merging Due to ACA PDF
06/24/15 Obamacare Data Warehouse is Perpetual Central Repository PDF
06/23/15 Will EHRs Be Used For Chinese Cyber Espionage? PDF
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