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September 2015

09/28/15 Join Dan Bongino at CCHF Event to Support Health Freedom Minute PDF
09/25/15 Ronald Reagan Was Right PDF
09/24/15 Socialized Medicine American Style PDF
09/23/15 Tribe Wants Special ACA Exemption PDF
09/22/15 This is Rationing Pure and Simple PDF
09/21/15 No Wonder Obamacare Didn't Come Up PDF
09/18/15 Obamacare Cherry-Picked Hospital Winners and Losers PDF
09/17/15 New Transgender ACA Rules Proposed; 
Comment Deadline Nov 9 PDF
09/16/15 Hospitals Tracking Population in Proximity PDF
09/15/15 Obamacare Fails Enrollment Predictions PDF
09/14/15 The Repeal and Replace ACA Flaw PDF
09/11/15 Will You Take Action to Stop Patient Profiling? PDF
09/10/15 Clinics Using EHRs to Push HIV Testing for All PDF
09/09/15 Health System Plans to Tag All Patients with Alzheimers Risk Score PDF
09/08/15 Another IRS Overreach on Employers PDF
09/07/15 Planned Parenthood Gets Obamacare Cash PDF
09/04/15 How Much Would You Pay for Privacy-On-A-Stick? PDF
09/03/15 Please Tell Me Your Stories PDF
09/02/15 Ask Your Doctor How They Get Paid PDF
09/01/15 Special CCHF Event With Two Superstars PDF

August 2015

08/31/15 What If You Were King? PDF
08/28/15 Is your Doctor Prohibited From Taking Cash? PDF
08/27/15 When Babies Become Living Body Parts PDF
08/26/15 What if Insurers are Deemed Too Big to Fail? PDF
08/25/15 Take Frederic Bastiat's Wise Advise on Obamacare PDF
08/24/15 Scott Walkers Repeal Obamacare Plan PDF
08/21/15 New Obamacare Tax On You Starts in September PDF
08/20/15 Refuse EHR System's Unique Patient ID PDF
08/19/15 Employers Plan To Restrict Access To Medication PDF
08/18/15 IBM Is Buying Your Medical Records PDF
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