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April 2015

04/27/15 Four More Days to Refuse to Enroll PDF
04/24/15 Socialism in Training PDF
04/23/15 Medical Schools Training Doctors to be System Doctors PDF
04/22/15 Uninsured Average Penalty is $1130 PDF
04/21/15 Flu Vaccine Ineffective for Most PDF
04/20/15 Doc Fix is No Fix PDF
04/17/15 Do You Get The CCHFreedom eNews? PDF
04/16/15 A Twist on Health Insurance PDF
04/15/15 IRS Wants $67 Million to Enforce Obamacare PDF
04/14/15 Five Signs of Obamacare in Trouble 2 PDF
04/13/15 Five Signs of Obamacare in Trouble 1 PDF
04/10/15 Your Employer May be Forced to Ask a Personal Question PDF
04/09/15 Find Your Cheaper Cash Based Options PDF
04/08/15 Surge in Health Sharing Membership PDF
04/07/15 Why Healthcare Costs Are High PDF
04/06/15 How Medicare Fraud Can Be Eliminated PDF
04/03/15 Physician Misery Index High PDF
04/02/15 The DOD and VA Medical Records Boondoggle PDF
04/01/15 Why Do Republicans Want Our Data Online? PDF

March 2015

03/31/15 Obamacare Slows Public Access To Public Data PDF
03/30/15 Disturbing IRS Story Sent to CCH Freedom PDF
03/27/15 At What Age Will Doctors Refuse You? PDF
03/26/15 Hacked! Hacked! Hacked Again! PDF
03/25/15 Patients No Longer Most Important Person PDF
03/24/15 Why GOP Interoperability Plans are Bad Idea PDF
03/23/15 Five Years of Obamacare Broken Promises PDF
03/20/15 Double Duty Trouble for MNsure Exchange PDF
03/19/15 Will you Agree to Computerize Your Body? PDF
03/18/15 British Cancer Patients in Trouble PDF
03/17/15 It's a New Day for Baby DNA PDF
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