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January 2015

01/23/15 VA Misled Congress About Patient Waits PDF
01/22/15 Government Help Usually Means Government Hurt PDF
01/21/15 Why Healthcare Costs Are High PDF
01/20/15 Once Upon a Time, There Were No Health Plans PDF
01/19/15 How Medicare Fraud Can Be Eliminated PDF
01/16/15 A Twist on Health Insurance PDF
01/15/15 One More Month to Refuse to Enroll PDF
01/14/15 Lawless President Attempts Unlawful Lawmaking PDF
01/13/15 Five Signs of Obamacare in Trouble 2 PDF
01/12/15 Five Signs of Obamacare in Trouble 1 PDF
01/09/15 Nation's Largest Healthcare Database Under Construction PDF
01/08/15 Thank You U.S. Senator Tom Coburn PDF
01/07/15 When Will Obamacare Premiums Skyrocket? PDF
01/06/15 What About Those Obamacare Rates? PDF
01/05/15 Let's Stop MN EMR Mandate PDF
01/02/15 Where Liberty Came From PDF
01/01/15 Congress' Plan to Undo Obamacare PDF

December 2014

12/31/14 Obamacare Exchange Funding Disappears PDF
12/30/14 No More Funding to Create Deadlier Viruses PDF
12/29/14 EHRs Worsen Physician Decisions PDF
12/26/14 Do You Get The CCHFreedom eNews? PDF
12/25/14 Merry Christmas 2014 PDF
12/24/14 Imposing One-Size-Fits-All Care PDF
12/23/14 Whose Data is Your Data? PDF
12/22/14 Will Doctors Go the Way of the Dinosaur? PDF
12/19/14 Canadians Die From Long Wait Times PDF
12/18/14 Were Parents Told Truth About Genomic Testing? PDF
12/17/14 Newborns Died as Government Guinea Pigs PDF
12/16/14 Protect Your Privacy Refuse to Enroll PDF
12/15/14 Don't Be Scared into Obamacare PDF
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