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February 2016

02/15/16 18 yo Canadian Dies Waiting for Hospital Bed PDF
02/12/16 Let's Restore the Heart of Health Care PDF
02/11/16 Be Privacy Aware With Your Apple Watch PDF
02/10/16 The Insured are Skipping Care PDF
02/09/16 Hopeful Trends in Health Care PDF
02/08/16 VA Not Improving Despite Scandal PDF
02/05/16 Pass RIGHT TO TRY in Your State PDF
02/04/16 Let's Grow Health Sharing PDF
02/03/16 IRS Reverses Course Thanks to You PDF
02/02/16 How Much Does it Cost to Insure Your Adult Child? PDF
02/01/16 The State Law that Limits Care PDF

January 2016

01/29/16 Supreme Court Refuses Obamacare Case PDF
01/28/16 Obama Changes HIPAA for Gun Control PDF
01/27/16 Obamacare Innovation Center Central to Rationing PDF
01/26/16 Obamacare Experiments on Medicare Patients Begin in April PDF
01/25/16 The Follies of Bernie's Medicare for All Plan PDF
01/22/16 The Truth About Tort Reform Law PDF
01/21/16 The Obamacare Straightjacket PDF
01/20/16 Surprises About Generic Drugs PDF
01/19/16 Dangerous Drug Addyi PDF
01/18/16 What To Do About Skyrocketing Drug Prices PDF
01/15/16 The Affordable Penalties Act PDF
01/14/16 The Affordable Penalties Act PDF
01/13/16 The Year of Health the Care Hack PDF
01/12/16 What Could the Next President Do? PDF
01/11/16 The Nursing Home Obesity Dilemma PDF
01/08/16 Real Life Exposes Obamacare Realities PDF
01/07/16 Employers Impose Controls on Drugs PDF
01/06/16 Obamacare Is Impacting Everyone PDF
01/05/16 Send Us Data-Collection Forms PDF
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