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November 2020

11/09/20 McConnell “Wall of Gridlock” Will Protect Freedom PDF
11/05/20 German Lawsuit Against “Corona Scandal” PDF
11/04/20 Is This a Pseudo-Pandemic? PDF
11/03/20 Vote to Prosper and Protect America! PDF
11/02/20 Conflating COVID Deaths with Flu Deaths PDF

October 2020

10/30/20 Will COVID-19 Lead to Injectable Biosensors? PDF
10/29/20 Hillsong Pastor Tells Churches to Defy Discriminatory Covid-19 Restrictions PDF
10/28/20 Excess Deaths Due to Fear Mongering PDF
10/27/20 The Danger of Trying to “Contain” COVID-19 PDF
10/26/20 Everyone Tested for COVID-19 is Reported to Feds PDF
10/23/20 State Agencies Release Confidential COVID-19 Data PDF
10/22/20 Michigan Governor Defies Court Ruling PDF
10/21/20 70 Percent of Mask-Wearers Got COVID-19 PDF
10/20/20 Should We Fear Aerosolized COVID-19? PDF
10/19/20 220 Days of Flattening the Economy PDF
10/16/20 Endangered Republicans Oppose Trump ACA Lawsuit PDF
10/15/20 Crimes Against the Elderly PDF
10/14/20 Is “Focused Protection” for Covid-19 a Good Idea? PDF
10/13/20 What Should We Think About “Herd Immunity”? PDF
10/12/20 Is Trump’s Refusal a Strategy to End Lockdowns? PDF
10/09/20 Laundering Legacy Deaths from Covid-19? PDF
10/08/20 Governor DeSantis Opens Florida PDF
10/07/20 Pres. Trump Endorses Direct Primary Care (DPC) PDF
10/06/20 Tasered for Refusing to Wear a Mask PDF
10/05/20 What’s Happening to America? PDF
10/02/20 Banning Access to Hydroxychloroquine is Criminal PDF
10/01/20 Will Covid-19 Vaccine Backfire PDF

September 2020

09/30/20 Are Politics Killing Covid-19 Patients PDF
09/29/20 The Needless Deaths of COVID-19 PDF
09/28/20 Can Employers Force Me to Submit to COVID-19 Testing PDF
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