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August 2016

08/08/16 The Final Act PDF
08/05/16 Three Doctors Tell Truth About Electronic Medical Records PDF
08/04/16 Are Hospitals Really Charitable Non Profits? PDF
08/03/16 Governments Permits Medicare HMO Enrollments Without Consent PDF
08/02/16 Will Veterans Get Access to Physician Care? PDF
08/01/16 Mass Exodus of Doctors Expected PDF

July 2016

07/29/16 Doctor Has Dream Practice Freedom Offers PDF
07/28/16 Personal Encounter Changed Everything PDF
07/27/16 Texas Physician Sets Her and Her Patients Free PDF
07/26/16 Pick the Right Kind of Doctor PDF
07/25/16 CCHF Chart is Better Than 1,000 Words PDF
07/22/16 Prediabetes Scare-Mongering PDF
07/21/16 Who Will Stop the Secrecy? PDF
07/20/16 Obama Puts Transparency Under Wraps PDF
07/19/16 Did Obama Really Write It? PDF
07/18/16 GOP Convention Will Be Historic PDF
07/15/16 What Will Convention Mean For Freedom? PDF
07/14/16 Is Your Medical Record on the Grid? PDF
07/13/16 Break Free Today at PDF
07/12/16 Introducing The Wedge of Health Freedom PDF
07/11/16 Obamacare: Subsidies, Subsidies, Subsidies PDF
07/08/16 Being Insured Isn’t What's Most Important PDF
07/07/16 Child Ousted from School for Genetic Marker PDF
07/06/16 18 yo Canadian Dies Waiting for Hospital Bed PDF
07/05/16 Real Life Exposes Obamacare Realities PDF
07/04/16 Declare Your Freedom from Obamacare PDF
07/01/16 One of a Kind Obamacare Lawsuit Filed PDF

June 2016

06/30/16 Obama Hunts Millennials for Obamacare PDF
06/29/16 The Republicans Misstep PDF
06/28/16 What Physicians and Patients Told the Feds PDF
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