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September 2014

09/11/14 Hacking of Citizen Data in Federal Agencies PDF
09/10/14 Value vs Volume Rationing Plan PDF
09/09/14 Big Bucks to Secure Pro-ACA Voters PDF
09/08/14 Shut Down Big Education's Big Brother Database PDF
09/05/14 Radiology Residents Stranded Without Training Options PDF
09/04/14 FDA's Inhuman Decision PDF
09/03/14 2017 Sticker Shock Coming PDF
09/02/14 Join us for our 20th Anniversary Dinner PDF
09/01/14 Obama Goes Dark on Obamacare Enrollment PDF

August 2014

08/29/14 Ebola And State of Emergency Health Powers PDF
08/28/14 Time to Resurrect Cooperative Care PDF
08/27/14 Patients Need Physicians Not Portals PDF
08/26/14 Your Hacker-Ready Patient Data PDF
08/25/14 Medicare Advantage Closes 700 Physician's Doors PDF
08/22/14 Stopping National Patient ID System PDF
08/21/14 Obamacare's Spin Doctors Hard at Work PDF
08/20/14 Single Payer Shortcomings PDF
08/19/14 Prove it or Lose it PDF
08/18/14 FDA Limits Life-Saving Device PDF
08/15/14 Sovaldi Drug is Cheap in Long Run PDF
08/14/14 Huge California Medical Records Database PDF
08/13/14 Dangerous Government Interference in Care PDF
08/12/14 The $106 Million Home Intrusion PDF
08/11/14 Google's Chilling DNA Plan PDF
08/08/14 Taking the Shine Off Obama's Spin PDF
08/07/14 Help Doctors Cut Puppeteer Strings PDF
08/06/14 Why Patients Lie to Doctors PDF
08/05/14 Can't Ask Don't Tell PDF
08/04/14 Obamacare Architect Unfiltered PDF
08/01/14 The Partnership Exchange Twist PDF
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