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May 2016

05/16/16 REAL ID is a Ruse PDF
05/13/16 The Insured are Skipping Care PDF
05/12/16 The Truth About Tort Reform Law PDF
05/11/16 Is This Your Story? PDF
05/10/16 We Don't Have Health Insurance Anymore PDF
05/09/16 Take Frederic Bastiat’s Wise Advice on Obamacare PDF
05/06/16 What Do You Think? PDF
05/05/16 What's in a Hospital Star Rating PDF
05/04/16 Pornography as Public Health Hazard PDF
05/03/16 More Bricks With Less Straw for Doctors PDF
05/02/16 You Can Fly Without REAL ID PDF

April 2016

04/29/16 Let's Restore the Heart of Health Care PDF
04/28/16 Child Ousted from School for Genetic Marker PDF
04/27/16 Obamacare Experiments on Medicare Patients Begin in April PDF
04/26/16 American Doctors Think EHRs Unsafe PDF
04/25/16 Is Science Broken? PDF
04/22/16 Why We Must Restore Freedom to Practice of Medicine PDF
04/21/16 Do You Want Paperwork or Patient Care? PDF
04/20/16 Will Your Doctor Be Pinged? PDF
04/19/16 Ask Questions Before You Biobank PDF
04/18/16 Your Scores May Demoralize Your Doctor PDF
04/15/16 Calif. AG has Conflict of Interest in Planned Parenthood Case PDF
04/14/16 Refuse to Enable Health Disparities Agenda PDF
04/13/16 Indiana Parents Sue on Baby DNA PDF
04/12/16 Private Sector Creating National Patient ID PDF
04/11/16 Comment Today to Protect Mental Health Privacy PDF
04/08/16 Let's Start Taxing Hospitals PDF
04/07/16 Do you Have a Signed Refusal for Organ Donations? PDF
04/06/16 Why Our Health Care Costs More PDF
04/05/16 Is the US Supreme Court Stumped? PDF
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