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April 2016

04/04/16 Trump Likes Government Health Care PDF
04/01/16 Obama Administration Encourages Obamacare Fraud PDF

March 2016

03/31/16 Obama’s March to Medical Tyranny PDF
03/30/16 Oppose Medicare Drug Rationing Plan PDF
03/29/16 Your HIPAA Refusals are Working PDF
03/28/16 You Know Someone is Deceived by HIPAA When PDF
03/25/16 Less is More for Patient Safety PDF
03/24/16 Attacks on Fast-Food Medicine PDF
03/23/16 Year Six-Time to make Obamacare Irrelevant PDF
03/22/16 Obamacare I vs Obamacare II PDF
03/21/16 Six Years of Unsettled Obamacare Law PDF
03/18/16 A Better Way to Measure Body Fat PDF
03/17/16 Tell Your Employer to Refuse PDF
03/16/16 Mayo Clinic Gets Cozy With Epic EHR PDF
03/15/16 Trump Betrays Price Control Plans PDF
03/14/16 The Quest for Health Care Happiness PDF
03/11/16 Will Hospital Ration Hip And Knee Replacement? PDF
03/10/16 How Monitored Are You Willing To Be? PDF
03/09/16 A Better Way to Debate PDF
03/08/16 The Dangerous EHR PDF
03/07/16 Feds Admit Plans to Broadly Share Your Data PDF
03/04/16 When Patient Safety Hurts Patient Safety PDF
03/03/16 American Doctors Think EHRs Unsafe PDF
03/02/16 Push For National Patient ID Accelerates PDF
03/01/16 Fraud Controls Lacking in Obamacare PDF

February 2016

02/29/16 Two Ways to Identify the Right Candidate PDF
02/26/16 Health Sharing Splinters ACA PDF
02/25/16 Higher Insurance Premiums Still to Come PDF
02/24/16 Is Science Broken? PDF
02/23/16 Battle Shows SCOTUS Too Powerful PDF
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