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November 2015

11/30/15 It's All About Control PDF
11/27/15 Will You Accept Techno-Tracking? PDF
11/26/15 What Should You Do Next Year? PDF
11/25/15 The Destructive Ruse PDF
11/24/15 We Don't Have Health Insurance Anymore PDF
11/23/15 The Power of Twenty Dollars PDF
11/20/15 Sophie's Choice on Coverage PDF
11/19/15 Sweden's Quality Care Shell Game PDF
11/18/15 The Danger of Subsidies PDF
11/17/15 Obamacare Exchanges Wide Open to Fraud PDF
11/16/15 Is This Your Story? PDF
11/13/15 A Little Travel With Your Colonoscopy PDF
11/12/15 Today is Give to the Max Day!! PDF
11/11/15 Tomorrow is the Last Day to Double Your Donation PDF
11/10/15 CCHF Has A Special Giving Opportunity for You! PDF
11/09/15 Double Your Donation to CCHF Through November 12 PDF
11/06/15 See Actual Discounted Bills at Christian Healthcare Ministries PDF
11/05/15 How Wealth Sharing Works at MediShare PDF
11/04/15 Samaritan Ministries Stories of Shared Bills Fully Paid PDF
11/03/15 You Don't Have to Sign Up For Obamacare PDF
11/02/15 Are you Ready to Switch to Health Sharing? PDF

October 2015

10/30/15 House Calls Are Coming Back PDF
10/29/15 Please Tell Me Your Stories PDF
10/28/15 Ask Your Doctor How They Get Paid PDF
10/27/15 Ronald Reagan Was Right PDF
10/26/15 Obamacare Cherry-Picked Hospital Winners and Losers PDF
10/23/15 Obamacare Co-Ops Go Kaput PDF
10/22/15 Bike Helmet Backlash PDF
10/21/15 What if America Were Poor? PDF
10/20/15 Let's Restore the Heart of Health Care PDF
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