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June 2014

06/19/14 Hacking of Citizen Data in Federal Agencies PDF
06/18/14 Bribing Cancer Doctors PDF
06/17/14 Dangerous Digging into the Brain PDF
06/16/14 Physician War Stories From VA Hospitals PDF
06/13/14 Shut Down Big Education's Big Brother Database PDF
06/12/14 Feds Keep Health Sharing ACA Exemption Secret PDF
06/11/14 Data Discrepancies Loom Larger for Obamacare PDF
06/10/14 Act Now. Feds Plan Final Assault on Medical Privacy PDF
06/09/14 Babies Die in Federal Medical Experiment PDF
06/06/14 Belligerent Tactics Hit Home Health Agencies PDF
06/05/14 Big Bucks to Secure Pro-ACA Voters PDF
06/04/14 Charity Care Being Cut PDF
06/03/14 War on Fat Has a New Twist PDF
06/02/14 How Much is Your Doctor Paid PDF

May 2014

05/30/14 Burwell's No-Answer Answers PDF
05/29/14 Feds Issue Biosurveillance Strategy PDF
05/28/14 Florida Bans Biometric Profiling of Children PDF
05/27/14 Administration Goes Dark on Obamacare PDF
05/26/14 Decoration Day in Midst of VA Scandal PDF
05/23/14 Obamacare Consolidation Means Higher Prices PDF
05/22/14 Get a Service-Driven Doctor While You Can PDF
05/21/14 State Exchanges Cost Taxpayers More Than Federal Exchange PDF
05/20/14 Insurers Have No Idea Who's Enrolled PDF
05/19/14 Why Obama May Be Wrong About 8 Million Enrollees PDF
05/16/14 Are You Ready For 24:7 Body Tracking? PDF
05/15/14 Enrollees Should Always Feel the Pain PDF
05/14/14 Minnesota Eliminates Genetic Privacy at Birth PDF
05/13/14 Why Obama Wants the Young And Healthy in the Exchange PDF
05/12/14 Shifting from Defense to Dependency PDF
05/09/14 Exciting News for the Deaf PDF
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