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March 2014

03/12/14 Spoon Feeding Patients Bad Data PDF
03/11/14 When Doctors Follow Rather Than Lead PDF
03/10/14 Do You Really Want Standardized Care? PDF
03/07/14 So How is This Fair? PDF
03/06/14 Retail Health Clinics Show Market at Work PDF
03/05/14 Obamacare Appeal Process Isn't Working PDF
03/04/14 The Data Dangers of Obama's Exchanges PDF
03/03/14 Our First Freedom Must Be Upheld PDF

February 2014

02/28/14 Do You Want Quality or Care? PDF
02/27/14 Puerto Rico Fines Blue Cross for Data Breach PDF
02/26/14 EHRs Dangerous to Your Health PDF
02/25/14 Obamacare Charges Everyone More, Not Women Less PDF
02/24/14 Refuse To Sign the HIPAA Privacy Form PDF
02/21/14 Obamacare Has A Coverage Gap PDF
02/20/14 Florida Plans Non-Obamacare Exchange PDF
02/19/14 $20 billion for Health Surveillance PDF
02/18/14 Obama Continues Unilateral Rule in Obamacare PDF
02/17/14 $3.8 Billion and Counting for Exchanges PDF
02/14/14 Do You Get the CCHFreedom eNews? PDF
02/13/14 Will Obamacare Supporter Cut Income to Get Subsidies? PDF
02/12/14 Marriage Penalty-Get Obamacare or Stay Married? PDF
02/11/14 Votes Is All That's Needed PDF
02/10/14 Bailouts for Big Insurers PDF
02/07/14 Sorry, You Can't Go to That Hospital PDF
02/06/14 Hidden 14th Hardship Exemption is Get Out of Jail Free Card PDF
02/05/14 Obama's Power Play PDF
02/04/14 Are You Prepared to Be Uninsured? PDF
02/03/14 Fake March 31 Enrollment Deadline PDF

January 2014

01/31/14 The Obama Enrollment Propaganda Machine PDF
01/30/14 Baby DNA Battle Win and Loss PDF
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