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July 2013

07/17/13 Obamacare Failure #2 Mandate PDF
07/16/13 Obamacare Failure #1 SHOP PDF
07/15/13 Realities of Obamacare PDF
07/12/13 Baby DNA Snatching PDF
07/11/13 Houston Doctor to Shut Down PDF
07/10/13 Exchange Hub Gets Scrutiny PDF
07/09/13 Congressman Gohmert Speaking at CCHF Event PDF
07/08/13 The Cracks Are Showing PDF
07/05/13 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 5 PDF
07/04/13 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 4 PDF
07/03/13 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 3 PDF
07/02/13 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 2 PDF
07/01/13 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 1 PDF

June 2013

06/28/13 One Year Ago Today PDF
06/27/13 GOP Governors Cave on Obamacare PDF
06/26/13 High Cost of Lowest Cost Plan PDF
06/25/13 No Silver Lining in Cost-Sharing PDF
06/24/13 Why Premiums Will Skyrocket PDF
06/21/13 Forget the "Collapse on its Own" Obamacare Theory PDF
06/20/13 Fear of Obamacare Brain Drain Sets In PDF
06/19/13 Cong. Black Proposes HIX Privacy Bill PDF
06/18/13 Obama's Organizing Machine Set to Push ACA PDF
06/17/13 The Truth about California's ACA Premiums PDF
06/14/13 The Exchange is Big Brother PDF
06/13/13 Student Tracking System Uncovered PDF
06/12/13 The Bureaucratic State PDF
06/11/13 Regulators Going Rogue PDF
06/10/13 Is the President Going Rogue? PDF
06/07/13 Vermont Mandates Mussolini Medicine PDF
06/06/13 New App to Report Vaccine Refusniks PDF
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