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August 2014

08/14/14 Huge California Medical Records Database PDF
08/13/14 Dangerous Government Interference in Care PDF
08/12/14 The $106 Million Home Intrusion PDF
08/11/14 Google's Chilling DNA Plan PDF
08/08/14 Taking the Shine Off Obama's Spin PDF
08/07/14 Help Doctors Cut Puppeteer Strings PDF
08/06/14 Why Patients Lie to Doctors PDF
08/05/14 Can't Ask Don't Tell PDF
08/04/14 Obamacare Architect Unfiltered PDF
08/01/14 The Partnership Exchange Twist PDF

July 2014

07/31/14 Fraud is Easy on the Exchange PDF
07/30/14 Government to Issue Fitness Plans PDF
07/29/14 What Judges Actually Said PDF
07/28/14 Will America Lose the Rule of Law? PDF
07/25/14 $ 18,000 Broken Promise PDF
07/24/14 CCHF's 5C Solution to Health Care PDF
07/23/14 Huge Debt Crisis Looms Due to Aging Population PDF
07/22/14 DC Exchange Faces Lawsuit for Illegal Tax PDF
07/21/14 What if the Vials Had Broken PDF
07/18/14 Are Doctors or Data Profiteers Right on EHRs PDF
07/17/14 Colorado Expects Boatload of Obamacare Drops Out PDF
07/16/14 Data Discrepancies Worse Than You Think PDF
07/15/14 Indiana to Share 23 Years of Baby DNA PDF
07/14/14 Will Halbig vs. Sebelius Unravel Obamacare PDF
07/11/14 A Royal Waste of Money PDF
07/10/14 Obama Ignores Human Behavior Then Penalizes It PDF
07/09/14 Local Hospital Tracking Your Behavior PDF
07/08/14 ACT NOW on Senate Baby DNA Bill PDF
07/07/14 Hobby Lobby Ruling Ignites Anti-Religious Firestorm PDF
07/04/14 Declare Your Freedom from Obamacare PDF
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