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March 2015

03/23/15 Five Years of Obamacare Broken Promises PDF
03/20/15 Double Duty Trouble for MNsure Exchange PDF
03/19/15 Will you Agree to Computerize Your Body? PDF
03/18/15 British Cancer Patients in Trouble PDF
03/17/15 It's a New Day for Baby DNA PDF
03/16/15 Another Entitlement Program in Trouble PDF
03/13/15 What if People in Only 16 State are Qualified to Get Obamacare? PDF
03/11/15 State Not Coerced by Subsidies, Says OK AG PDF
03/10/15 ACA Coercion or Standard Operating Procedure PDF
03/09/15 Its all About Roberts Again PDF
03/06/15 Patients Want Control Over Their Medical Data PDF
03/05/15 Feds Move to Pay Doctors to Obey PDF
03/04/15 Why Obama Tried to Get Away With Subsidies in Healthcare PDF
03/03/15 GOP Should Refuse to Play Obama's ACA Game PDF
03/02/15 States Could be Free From Obamacare PDF

February 2015

02/27/15 Scientists Seek to Build Patient Trust PDF
02/26/15 EHRs Promote Tunnel Vision and Bad Patient Care PDF
02/25/15 Obama Wants $15B to Expand Intrusive Home Visiting PDF
02/24/15 High Cost of E-Health Records to Patients PDF
02/23/15 Truth About Obamacare Enrollment PDF
02/20/15 MN Bill Requires Profiling at Doctor's Office PDF
02/19/15 Beware Birth Certificate Surveillance PDF
02/18/15 Longshoremen Threaten Strike Over ACA Tax PDF
02/17/15 IRS Wants $67 Million to Enforce Obamacare PDF
02/16/15 Obamacare Nationalized Open Enrollment PDF
02/13/15 Feds Keep Health Sharing ACA Exemption Secret PDF
02/12/15 Single Payer Shortcomings PDF
02/11/15 Does Gov't Data Focus Diminish Patient Focus? PDF
02/10/15 Imposing One-Size-Fits-All Care PDF
02/09/15 Radiology Residents Stranded Without Training Options PDF
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