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March 2013

03/29/13 The Bureaucratic State PDF
03/25/13 Homevisiting - Cradle to Grave Tracking PDF
03/22/13 190% Premium Increases On The Way PDF
03/21/13 Will You Live in a Free State PDF
03/20/13 The Big Fat Lie about BMI PDF
03/19/13 HIPAA's New Cash-for-Care Privacy PDF
03/18/13 Minnesota's Grand Deception PDF
03/15/13 Government Healthcare NOT Private Insurance PDF
03/14/13 Insurance No Man's Land for Families PDF
03/13/13 Health Sharing to Escape Obamacare PDF
03/12/13 Is the President Going Rogue? PDF
03/11/13 Regulators Going Rogue PDF
03/08/13 Exchanges - Insurance Agents No More PDF
03/07/13 Exchanges - Eliminating the Marketplace PDF
03/06/13 Exchanges - Limiting Your Choices PDF
03/05/13 Exchanges - Not a Marketplace PDF
03/04/13 Exchanges - Powerful Board of Strangers PDF
03/01/13 Environmentalists Use Children’s Health to Advance Agenda PDF

February 2013

02/28/13 The Unthinkable is Happening PDF
02/27/13 Will Federal Mandates Make Insurance Unaffordable? PDF
02/26/13 What is an Exchange - 3 Things PDF
02/25/13 Warning on Genetic Testing of Newborns PDF
02/22/13 Employers "Shape Shift" Strategy PDF
02/21/13 The Obama Troops Are Coming PDF
02/20/13 You Will Lose Your Job Under Obamacare PDF
02/19/13 What is an Exchange? PDF
02/18/13 Countering Obama's SOTU PDF
02/15/13 Can Computers Predict Medical Problems PDF
02/14/13 Religious Liberty in Jeopardy PDF
02/13/13 Clinic Goes Cash Only PDF
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