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November 2014

11/14/14 Send Obamacare Repeal Bill to Obama in January PDF
11/13/14 Last Day to Double Your Donation PDF
11/12/14 Double Your Donation Through Tomorrow PDF
11/11/14 Double Your Donation to CCHF PDF
11/10/14 Donate Today to CCHFreedom PDF
11/07/14 Republicans Won but Will They Act? PDF
11/06/14 Ebola And State of Emergency Health Powers PDF
11/05/14 The Data Dangers of Obama's Exchange PDF
11/04/14 Do You Get The CCHFreedom eNews? PDF
11/03/14 Vote for Your Future PDF

October 2014

10/31/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 5 PDF
10/30/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 4 PDF
10/29/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 3 PDF
10/28/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 2 PDF
10/27/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 1 PDF
10/24/14 Obamacare in Alice's Wonderland PDF
10/23/14 No One Dies From Being Uninsured PDF
10/22/14 Will Doctors Go the Way of the Dinosaur? PDF
10/21/14 No Protection From Political Fallout PDF
10/20/14 Obamacare Headed for Financial Disaster PDF
10/17/14 Whose Data is Your Data PDF
10/16/14 US Sentate Bill Needs Parent Consent PDF
10/15/14 Patient-Unfriendly Obamacare PDF
10/14/14 Medicare's 22% Paid for It PDF
10/13/14 Doctors in Debt Vulnerable to Dictates PDF
10/09/14 Hiding the Truth about Obamacare Enrollees PDF
10/08/14 Imposing One-Size-Fits-All Care PDF
10/07/14 Hospital Tells Doctors How to Practice PDF
10/06/14 Ebola and State Government Health Powers PDF
10/03/14 The Crumbling Begins PDF
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