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June 2013

06/05/13 GAO Report includes $3.7 Billion for Exchange PDF
06/04/13 Using Big Data for Obamacare Enrollment PDF
06/03/13 Doctors Force Drop in Drug Prices PDF

May 2013

05/31/13 Obamacare Application Foolery PDF
05/30/13 Non-Insurance Plans are Coming PDF
05/29/13 Will Obama's HIX Work PDF
05/28/13 A Doctor Whose Patients Love Her PDF
05/27/13 Surprising Memorial Day History PDF
05/24/13 Are Doctors no Longer in Your Corner PDF
05/23/13 Religion's Rise of the Nones PDF
05/22/13 Sebelius Shakedown Skirts Congress PDF
05/21/13 Will IRS be Obamacare Bullies PDF
05/20/13 Angelina Jolie Had a Choice. Will You PDF
05/17/13 They are So Worried PDF
05/16/13 Corralling Young Invincibles into Obamacare HIX PDF
05/15/13 EHRs Pure Torment for Doctors PDF
05/14/13 South Carolina to Nullify Obamacare PDF
05/13/13 Why Won't My Card Work PDF
05/10/13 Death Panel Delay PDF
05/09/13 Mainstream Media Upset at Obama PDF
05/08/13 Doctors Walked Out PDF
05/07/13 From Hillary's Alliance to Obama's Exchanges PDF
05/06/13 Second Lawsuit Challenge Employer Mandate PDF
05/03/13 Health Sharing to Escape Obamacare PDF
05/02/13 The Obama Troops Are Coming PDF
05/01/13 Clinic Goes Cash Only PDF

April 2013

04/30/13 Real Cause of Misdiagnosis PDF
04/29/13 Medicare ACO Explained PDF
04/26/13 One Exchange 50 Portals PDF
04/25/13 The Next Second Amendment Attack PDF
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