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January 2013

01/29/13 HIPAA's New Cash-for-Care Privacy PDF
01/28/13 It's Not Travelocity! PDF
01/25/13 The Big Fat Lie about BMI PDF
01/24/13 HHS Hides Truth About Sham Threat PDF
01/23/13 Mental Health Reporting Hurts Patients PDF
01/22/13 Think Before You Answer Doctor's Gun Question PDF
01/21/13 I Have a Dream, Do You PDF
01/18/13 Do You Really Want Your Phone to Do That? PDF
01/17/13 Minnesota's Grand Deception PDF
01/16/13 Will You Live in a Free State PDF
01/15/13 The Second Amendment Surprise PDF
01/14/13 It's None of Their Business! PDF
01/11/13 Russia's Free Health Care System PDF
01/10/13 The Intrusive Obamacare Exchange PDF
01/09/13 Government Issued Individualized Risk Scores PDF
01/08/13 Federal Fishing in Private Data PDF
01/07/13 IPAB is Anti-Constitutional #2 PDF
01/04/13 IPAB is Anti-Constitutional #1 PDF
01/03/13 Taking Over the Doctors PDF
01/02/13 War on Doctors - Imprisoned for Coding Error PDF
01/01/13 Obamacare is NOT a done deal PDF

December 2012

12/31/12 US Wealth Frittered Away on Foolish Projects PDF
12/28/12 Obama Supporters Grab Wealth Before Tax Hike PDF
12/27/12 Sandwich Surcharges and Cut Hours PDF
12/26/12 18 Brave Democrats PDF
12/25/12 Government Shall Be on His Shoulders PDF
12/24/12 Why Even Bring It Up PDF
12/19/12 Slow Obamacare - Friday Deadline PDF
12/21/12 Intrusive Global Prevention PDF
12/20/12 Is Penalty Tax Unconstitutional? PDF
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