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March 2019

03/07/19 Medicare for All – False “Freedom of Choice” Promise PDF
03/08/19 Medicare for All – Lawsuits for “Discrimination” PDF
03/06/19 Medicare for All – Covering Non-Citizens PDF
03/05/19 Medicare for All – The Promises PDF
03/04/19 Medicare for All – The First Claim PDF
03/01/19 Does Obamacare Readmission Penalty Cause Patient Death? PDF

February 2019

02/28/19 Blame Hospitals Not Doctors PDF
02/27/19 Prior Authorization Hurts Patients PDF
02/26/19 Surprise Medicare Bills Are NOT the Problem PDF
02/25/19 Business Group’s Single-Payer Propaganda PDF
02/22/19 Have You Read My Book? PDF
02/21/19 The $729 Million Swindle PDF
02/20/19 Your Doctor is in Danger PDF
02/19/19 HIPAA Jeopardizes Your Safety and Security PDF
02/18/19 Minnesota Legislature Pushes to End Patient Privacy and Control PDF
02/15/19 Is Sen. Kamala Harris Clueless on Medicare for All? PDF
02/14/19 If You’re Missing a Valentine Today . . . PDF
02/13/19 Prior Authorization Hurts Patients PDF
02/12/19 The “Minority Report” of Health Care PDF
02/11/19 America’s Socialist Programs Threaten Freedom PDF
02/08/19 Democrats Plan Next Incremental Step to Single Payer PDF
02/07/19 What They're Not Telling You About Obamacare PDF
02/06/19 Find Cheaper Meds in The Wedge PDF
02/05/19 Pain Patients Harmed by Opioid Rules PDF
02/04/19 Flying Blind; Paying Billions PDF
02/01/19 Newborn (Genetic) Screening Databases PDF

January 2019

01/31/19 Registering All Children With Birth Defects PDF
01/30/19 State Registries Track Patients With Cancer PDF
01/29/19 Everyone’s Vaccination History in a State Database PDF
01/28/19 Patients Captured in Deluge of Databases PDF
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November 13th, 2019