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January 2019

01/11/19 States Should Seize the ACA Ruling and Run With It PDF
01/10/19 ACA Supporters Offer Three Ways to Save Obamacare PDF
01/09/19 The Joy of Direct Primary Care PDF
01/08/19 Democrat Saber-Rattling on Obamacare? PDF
01/07/19 Will Congress Try to Save the ACA? PDF
01/04/19 What They're Not Telling You About Obamacare PDF
01/03/19 Pain Patients Harmed by Opioid Rules PDF
01/02/19 Is Care or Coverage Most Important? PDF
01/01/19 Be Ready to Rise Up in 2019 PDF

December 2018

12/31/18 Help CCHF Short Circuit the Coming Disaster PDF
12/28/18 The ACA Ruling in a Nutshell PDF
12/27/18 Was the Timing of the ACA Ruling Planned? PDF
12/26/18 Christmas, Congress and Health Care PDF
12/25/18 Christmas is the Best News Ever! PDF
12/24/18 ‘Twas the Night of Repeal PDF
12/21/18 Mayo Doctor Says Mission of Healthcare Corrupted PDF
12/20/18 Health Plan Profits Booming PDF
12/19/18 Pay Direct to Get the Best Care PDF
12/18/18 Pharmaceutical Middlemen Make Millions PDF
12/17/18 Flying Blind; Paying Billions PDF
12/14/18 Upsetting the Obamacare Applecart PDF
12/13/18 Independent Doctors are Happier PDF
12/12/18 Florida Hospital Depriving Patients of Trusted Doctors PDF
12/11/18 Do You Pay the Obamacare “Exchange Tax”? PDF
12/10/18 What Makes Patients Shop for Prices? PDF
12/07/18 Doctors As Government Data Clerks PDF
12/06/18 “Right to Try” Drug Law is Untried PDF
12/05/18 Find Cheaper Meds in The Wedge PDF
12/04/18 Rationing in Medicare is Inevitable PDF
12/03/18 Will Trump’s Plan Cut Costs or Hurt Access? PDF
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September 18th, 2019