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August 2020

08/14/20 Don’t Fear the Rise in Cases PDF
08/13/20 Is This Why Fauci Said COVID-19 Vaccine May Backfire? PDF
08/12/20 Will Covid-19 Ever Disappear? PDF
08/11/20 Should We Trust CDC COVID-19 Death Count? PDF
08/10/20 Dubious CDC Count of Deaths from Influenza PDF
08/07/20 IRS Threatens Cash-Based Care PDF
08/06/20 We Can’t Control COVID, So Let’s Get Back to Normal PDF
08/05/20 Hydroxychloroquine Battle Heats Up PDF
08/04/20 Will You Agree to Wear Goggles? PDF
08/03/20 What the Medical Exemption Says About Masks PDF

July 2020

07/31/20 No Rhyme or Reason to Mask Mandates PDF
07/30/20 The Powerful Collude to Impose Masks PDF
07/29/20 Don’t Normalize Masking Behavior PDF
07/28/20 Face-Mask Masquerade PDF
07/27/20 Face-Mask Parade of Mandates PDF
07/24/20 Masks are a Medical Menace PDF
07/23/20 Will Children Spread COVID-19 to Teachers? PDF
07/22/20 Can Schools Safely Reopen? PDF
07/21/20 Are Politics Killing COVID-19 Patients? PDF
07/20/20 Figure Out Fact from Fiction PDF
07/17/20 Masks Failed to Stop 1918 Spanish Flu PDF
07/16/20 No Evidence that Face Masks Protect, Say Experts PDF
07/15/20 STUDY: Ordinary People Choose to Live and Breathe Free PDF
07/14/20 The Case Count is Being Inflated PDF
07/13/20 Masking the Truth About Masks PDF
07/10/20 Immunity Passports Could Declare You “Unsafe” PDF
07/09/20 States Develop COVID-19 Rationing Strategies PDF
07/08/20 What Does Flatten the Curve Mean? PDF
07/07/20 Watch CCHF Facebook Live Videos on COVID-19 PDF
07/06/20 Facts about Contact Tracing for COVID-19 PDF
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