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July 2012

07/12/12 States can Stop Obamacare PDF
07/11/12 Roberts’s Verbal Wizardry PDF
07/10/12 Obama Tax on Inactivity PDF
07/09/12 Judicial Tax-Writing PDF
07/06/12 Mayoral Hypocrisy! PDF
07/05/12 How Low Hospital Prices Could Go PDF
07/04/12 Hard Fought & Hard Won PDF
07/03/12 It's Time to be Free! PDF
07/02/12 Cash options for Care and Coverage PDF

June 2012

06/29/12 States Must Refuse to Implement Obamacare PDF
06/28/12 Response to SCOTUS Ruling (correction in PDF) PDF
06/29/12 Point-of-Care Prescription Surveillance PDF
06/28/12 HHS Markets National Health Care PDF
06/27/12 "Republican Surrenderists" PDF
06/26/12 Advancing Obamacare Regardless of Ruling PDF
06/25/12 Today Could Be THE Day PDF
06/22/12 The Promise Can't Fix the Problem PDF
06/21/12 Medicare's Biggest Problem - The Elderly PDF
06/20/12 Caught by the Exchange “Clawback” PDF
06/19/12 Obesity and $41 Food Stamp Cake PDF
06/18/12 Government Violates Law Without Consequence PDF
06/15/12 What's the Real Goal of P4P PDF
06/14/12 Take Me Out of Obamacare PDF
06/13/12 DNA Profiling of the Unborn PDF
06/12/12 NY to Track All Prescriptions PDF
06/11/12 Romney Choice Betrays Conservatives PDF
06/07/12 The Medicare Wealth Transfer PDF
06/06/12 Parents Should be Told PDF
06/05/12 Bundling Socialism PDF
06/04/12 The 3 C Solution PDF
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