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January 2014

01/22/14 Hackers in the HIX PDF
01/21/14 Worse Than England's Death Panels PDF
01/20/14 Manufacturing Civil Rights Violations in Exam Room PDF
01/17/14 Will Your Doctor Become Your Insurer? PDF
01/16/14 We Can Fix the Pre-Existing Condition Problem PDF
01/15/14 Have You Been Forced Into Medicaid? PDF
01/14/14 Beware the Deductible PDF
01/13/14 Don’t Depend on Big Business to Defend Freedom PDF
01/10/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 5 PDF
01/09/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 4 PDF
01/08/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 3 PDF
01/07/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 2 PDF
01/06/14 The HIPAA Privacy Rule Part 1 PDF
01/03/14 The Dangers of Texting While Treating PDF
01/02/14 Using Health Care to Cut Deficit PDF
01/01/14 Hold Onto Your Seats - 2014 Will be a Ride PDF

December 2013

12/31/13 2014 is Critical for Freedom PDF
12/30/13 Obamacare Voter Registration Debate PDF
12/27/13 Obamacare Plans are Less than Meets the Eye PDF
12/26/13 Forcing You Into the Exchange PDF
12/25/13 Merry Christmas 2013 PDF
12/24/13 The F in FDA Does Not Stand for Freedom PDF
12/23/13 ALEC's Bill to Undo Obamacare PDF
12/20/13 Small Businesses May be Caught Unaware PDF
12/19/13 Health IT is Not Safe PDF
12/18/13 The Hunger Games Teaches Civics Lesson on Freedom PDF
12/17/13 The Catastrophic Plan Exemption PDF
12/16/13 Next Monday is Not the Last Day to Enroll PDF
12/13/13 Detroit Shows Money in the Hand Better than a Handout PDF
12/12/13 Obama Popularity Plummets in Young Voters PDF
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