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December 2013

12/11/13 Obama Administration is Running Rogue PDF
12/10/13 HHS Action Speak Louder Than Words PDF
12/09/13 Dems Reluctant to Undermine ACA PDF
12/06/13 States Help Obamacare Fall Short PDF
12/05/13 Doctors Very Unhappy with Electronic Medical Records PDF
12/04/13 Democrats Knew Plans Would be Cancelled PDF
12/03/13 March 31 is Actual Coverage Deadline PDF
12/02/13 Democrats Defect PDF

November 2013

11/29/13 Is Exchange Coverage Government Health Care PDF
11/28/13 Thankful for Obamacare Disaster PDF
11/27/13 Everyone is Equal in the Exchange Except Congress PDF
11/26/13 Exchange System Not Fully Built Three Years Later PDF
11/25/13 Obamacare System a Disaster PDF
11/22/13 Do You Get The CCHFreedom eNews? PDF
11/21/13 Sebelius Lies About Data Collection PDF
11/20/13 Who Should Fund Medical Education? PDF
11/19/13 Who Defines an Obamacare Enrollee? PDF
11/18/13 Does Obama Think He's King? PDF
11/15/13 Exchange Contract Requires Cancellations PDF
11/14/13 Four Pinnochios and Pants on Fire PDF
11/13/13 Will Obamacare Supporter Cut Income to Get Subsidies? PDF
11/12/13 Marriage Penalty-Get Obamacare or Stay Married? PDF
11/11/13 Obamacare by Morning PDF
11/08/13 National Patient ID Still in the Works PDF
11/07/13 Sebelius Says Market is Not a Market PDF
11/06/13 The Sebelius Spin Zone PDF
11/05/13 Live Tweeting Sebelius Hearing PDF
11/04/13 CCHF Speaks in DC on Privacy PDF
11/01/13 CCHF Has New HIPAA “Privacy” Cards PDF

October 2013

10/31/13 Scarier Than Halloween... PDF
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