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October 2013

10/29/13 Declare Your Exchange Opt Out PDF
10/29/13 The Exchange Blame Game PDF
10/28/13 Who Will Blink? PDF
10/25/13 Event or Prevent-Driven Health Care PDF
10/24/13 Sebellius Makes Fun of ACA Opponents with Straight Face PDF
10/23/13 How Wrong Can a Reporter Be? PDF
10/22/13 Daily Show's Jon Stewart Asks Seven Times PDF
10/21/13 Congressman Duffy Silences MSNBC's MItchell PDF
10/18/13 Are You a Number? PDF
10/17/13 Is Obamacare or the ACA Better? PDF
10/16/13 What if Obamacare Works? PDF
10/15/13 Denied the Best Chemotherapy PDF
10/14/13 Are Exchanges Fixable? PDF
10/11/13 Socializing the Language First PDF
10/10/13 Declare Your Refusal to Enroll PDF
10/09/13 Liberals Lash Out PDF
10/08/13 The Untouchables in Congress PDF
10/07/13 A Time for Choosing Rightly PDF
10/04/13 Medicare Advantage Options Shrinking PDF
10/03/13 Should you Register Your Exemption? PDF
10/02/13 It's Perfectly Legal to Refuse PDF
10/01/13 Ignore Oct 1 Deadline; Decide by January PDF

September 2013

09/30/13 Oct 1st is First Day to Refuse to Enroll PDF
09/27/13 Using Big Data for Obamacare Enrollment PDF
09/26/13 Obamacare Failure #4 Penalties PDF
09/25/13 Obamacare Failure #3 Verification PDF
09/24/13 Obamacare Failure #2 Mandate PDF
09/23/13 Obamacare Failure #1 SHOP PDF
09/20/13 Feds Want Every Baby's Genetic Code PDF
09/19/13 Sea World and trader Joes Make ACA Cuts PDF
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