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February 2012

02/24/12 When the Collapse Comes PDF
02/23/12 Mission of Medicine Under Fire PDF
02/22/12 Medical Device Surveillance - The Real Problem PDF
02/21/12 Doctors Don't Work for Patients PDF
02/20/12 Docs Say No to Vaccine Refusniks PDF
02/17/12 Obama's Decision is not a CLASS Act PDF
02/16/12 Democrats Want Single System of Benefits PDF
02/15/12 Say No to the ACO PDF
02/14/12 Santorum Challenges Popular Parts of Obamacare PDF
02/13/12 Dying from Neglect PDF
02/10/12 $40 Million to Bring DNA Sequencing to Clinics PDF
02/09/12 Minnesota Finally Obeying Law on Baby DNA PDF
02/08/12 Obama Destroys Conscientious Protections PDF
02/07/12 Bioethicists Support Killing for Organs PDF
02/06/12 AMA in Business for Itself PDF
02/03/12 Ugly Realities of Socialized Medicine - Part 2 PDF
02/02/12 Jon Stewart Worries About Obama's Exchange PDF
02/01/12 Ugly Realities of Socialized Medicine - Part 1 PDF

January 2012

01/31/12 States Tied to Medicaid and ERs Threatened PDF
01/30/12 Does Mayo Clinic Drive Up Costs? PDF
01/27/12 It's Not Working! PDF
01/26/12 Pro-Life Groups Wrongly Advance Obamacare PDF
01/25/12 Essential Benefit Sidestep on Public Transparency PDF
01/24/12 Paula Deen, Diabetes, and Personal Responsibility PDF
01/23/12 How to Stop Obamacare PDF
01/20/12 The End of Catastrophic Coverage PDF
01/19/12 Democrats Worried by Obamacare Mandate PDF
01/18/12 From Flexibility to Tyranny PDF
01/17/12 Big Government Barges In PDF
01/16/12 Governors Want Intrusive Obamacare Data System PDF
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