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December 2011

12/30/11 Undoing Obamacare at SCOTUS PDF
12/29/11 2011 Lie of the Year Award Goes to... PDF
12/28/11 What's the Truth about Young Adult Coverage? PDF
12/27/11 The Obamacare Kid Glitch PDF
12/26/11 News You Never Hear Elsewhere PDF
12/23/11 Two Years Ago... PDF
12/22/11 Physician Exhausted by Overregulation PDF
12/21/11 New Medicare Rationing PDF
12/20/11 Do You Want Obamacare Repealed for Christmas? PDF
12/19/11 Rules and Regs by the Hundreds PDF
12/16/11 What's Your Christmas Wish for Health Care? PDF
12/15/11 Kagan Files or Supreme Secret? PDF
12/14/11 Republicans Assist Obamacare PDF
12/13/11 What Do You Want for Christmas? PDF
12/12/11 Radical Restructuring of Health Insurance PDF
12/09/11 Big Brother on Steroids PDF
12/08/11 A Doctor is a Doctor is a Doctor PDF
12/07/11 Mental Disorders Bloom PDF
12/06/11 Data Breaches Mean Fewer Nurses PDF
12/05/11 More Clerks, Fewer Nurses PDF
12/02/11 The Unvaccinated Vaccinated PDF
12/01/11 The ACO Experiment PDF

November 2011

11/30/11 Premiums Going Up, Up, Up PDF
11/29/11 Drug Shortages in America PDF
11/28/11 National Patient ID Coming? PDF
11/25/11 Where Your E-Prescriptions Go First PDF
11/24/11 Be Thankful for Freedom PDF
11/23/11 Health Care Rationing is Essential PDF
11/22/11 Who Will Stop Health IT? PDF
11/21/11 U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Obamacare PDF
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