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July 2011

07/29/11 Is Your Clinic Collecting Race Data? PDF
07/28/11 Send Your HIPAA Hassle Stories PDF
07/27/11 House Calls by CDC Surveyors PDF
07/26/11 Census Resistance PDF
07/25/11 Trust But Verify PDF
07/22/11 Medical Records Not Private or Safe PDF
07/21/11 Sickle Cell Anemia Cured. Why is Nobody Talking About It? PDF
07/20/11 Why Did Obama Say No to Doctor-Owned Hospitals? PDF
07/19/11 Obama Wants Clinics to Collect Race and Sexual Preference Data PDF

TO COMMENT: Go to!documentDetail;D=HHS-OMH-2011-0013-0001 and click the "Submit a Comment" button.

07/18/11 Baby Dies from Computerized Medical Record System PDF
07/15/11 Governor Lamm's Five-Point Plan to Ration Care PDF
07/14/11 Lamm: Rationing Could Fix Health Care PDF
07/13/11 Fed's Longtime March to Ration Care PDF
07/12/11 Florida Says "No" to Clinic Collection of Firearm Data PDF
07/11/11 If Obamacare's So Great, Why Waivers? PDF
07/08/11 Secret Shoppers for Obamacare PDF
07/07/11 Who Does Your Doctor Work For? PDF
07/06/11 Where Have All the Doctors Gone? PDF
07/05/11 Becoming a Doctor is Hazardous PDF
07/04/11 Remembering Independence PDF
07/01/11 RERUN: Doctors Paid for Outcomes Not Care PDF

May 2011

05/31/11 Doctor Watson I Presume? PDF
05/30/11 Happy Star-Spangled Banner Day PDF
05/27/11 Waivers, Waivers Everywhere PDF
05/26/11 Do Gene's Tell How Long We'll Live? PDF
05/25/11 Screening Babies for Criminality PDF
05/24/11 Medicare Running Out of Funds Early PDF
05/23/11 Angst Over Patient Opt-Out in ACO PDF
05/20/11 RERUN: Marketing with Mayberry RFD PDF
05/19/11 RERUN: Are Patients Primary or Secondary? PDF
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