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July 2020

07/03/20 No-Fear Fridays Celebrate Your Freedom and Independence PDF
07/02/20 Revocation of HCQ Emergency Authorization Contains Good News PDF
07/01/20 The Needless Deaths of COVID-19 PDF

June 2020

06/30/20 Audit of MN Prescription Tracking System on Hold Due to COVID-19 PDF
06/29/20 Where is the COVID-19 Lockdown Evidence? PDF
06/26/20 Army of Debunkers to be Launched Against Vaccine Choice PDF
06/25/20 When Will Experts Send Their Children Back to School? PDF
06/24/20 Low Participation in Contact Tracing PDF
06/23/20 Does Transgender Ruling End Protective Healthcare Civil Rights Regulation? PDF
06/22/20 Top-Level Bias Against Trump Rally? PDF
06/19/20 Reasons to Stay Calm as Cases Rise PDF
06/18/20 Do You Want an Artificial Intelligence Doctor? PDF
06/17/20 Telemedicine App Breach Allowed Outsiders to Watch PDF
06/16/20 Pandemic Lockdown vs. Protest Leniency PDF
06/15/20 Who’s Most Susceptible to Serious COVID-19? PDF
06/12/20 Immunity Passports Could Declare You “Unsafe” PDF
06/11/20 Some Experts Say COVID-19 is Ending PDF
06/10/20 Is COVID-19 a Vascular Disease? PDF
06/09/20 Doctors Sue FDA for Limiting Access to Hydroxychloraquine PDF
06/08/20 Is Wearing a Face Mask Illegal in Your State? PDF
06/05/20 The Tactics of Contact Tracing PDF
06/04/20 The Disturbing Hydroxychloraquine Controversy PDF
06/03/20 Medicare Opt-Out Update PDF
06/02/20 Can Employers Force Me to Submit to COVID-19 Testing? PDF
06/01/20 Learning Things About COVID-19 You Need to Know PDF

May 2020

05/29/20 Anxiety of Apple-Google Contact Tracing App PDF
05/28/20 Vaccination Mandate Madness Begins PDF
05/27/20 An Army of Contact Tracers is Coming PDF
05/26/20 Many Experts Say Lockdown Was “Huge Mistake” PDF
05/25/20 Remember Soldiers and Seniors PDF
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