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June 2012

06/01/12 UP on Down's Syndrome PDF

May 2012

05/31/12 Employers Have Good Reason to Drop Insurance PDF
05/30/12 Federal Takeover Center Under Construction PDF
05/29/12 You Can't Keep Your Insurance...Again PDF
05/28/12 Don't Take the Bait! PDF
05/25/12 Your Genes on Record PDF
05/24/12 Rethinking Electronic Prescriptions PDF
05/23/12 As the Banks Go...So Goes Health Care PDF
05/22/12 $1 Trillion Reasons to Overturn Obamacare PDF
05/21/12 Refusing to Answer the Question PDF
05/18/12 Paying Doctors for Performance Doesn't Work PDF
05/17/12 Don't Take My Organs! PDF
05/16/12 Electronic Med Records Lead to Gov't Control PDF
05/15/12 What is a Pre-existing Condition? PDF
05/14/12 Obesity is National Security Threat PDF
05/11/12 The Intrusive Prevention Strategy PDF
05/10/12 Costco Offers Health Insurance PDF
05/09/12 $8.35 Billion to Obama's Campaign PDF
05/08/12 Medicare Bankruptcy Looms Large PDF
05/07/12 Disabling the Disabled PDF
05/04/12 Prisoners Have Constitutional Right to Care PDF
05/03/12 Debt Collectors at the Bedside PDF
05/02/12 Rethinking the FDA PDF
05/01/12 Disney-fied Health Care PDF

April 2012

04/30/12 Judging by the Words PDF
04/27/12 Red State Resistance Rules PDF
04/26/12 Here a Breach There a Breach PDF
04/25/12 Lobbyist Says It's Not Your Data PDF
04/24/12 Freedom with Permission PDF
04/23/12 Obama Diverts $500M to IRS for Obamacare PDF
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