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March 2011

03/29/11 Will "Essential Benefit" Cover You? PDF
03/30/11 Health Freedom Minute Changes PDF
03/30/11 Typo Ends Health Care PDF
03/31/11 No Celebration Here! PDF

February 2011

02/01/11 Vinson Ruling - Will Administration Listen? PDF
02/02/11 Three Opportunities for Action PDF
02/03/11 What Health Officials Said PDF
02/04/11 RERUN: Health IT Takes Time and Money PDF
02/07/11 Wasted Taxpayer Dollars on Eating Report PDF
02/08/11 Who Decides When You Die? PDF
02/09/11 Obamacare Repeal #1 PDF
02/10/11 It IS about Policy, Mr. Dayton PDF
02/11/11 Terrified Doctor; Suffering Patients PDF
02/14/11 GOP Rep. Steve Gottwalt's Obamacare Bill PDF
02/15/11 Tomorrow - Hearing on Gottwalt Obamacare Bill PDF
02/16/11 Why is Government Publishing Cookbooks? PDF
02/17/11 733 Waivers and Counting PDF
02/18/11 The Hearing that Never Happened PDF
02/21/11 Gutting Freedom of Conscience PDF
02/22/11 RERUN: Gutting Freedom of Conscience PDF
02/23/11 Dayton's Health Care Budget Exposed PDF
02/24/11 Don't Fix the CLASS Act PDF
02/25/11 Penalty Perpetuating Privacy Falsehoods PDF
02/28/11 High Stakes Chess Over Obamacare PDF

January 2011

01/03/11 Come Protest Dayton's Obamacare Signing PDF
01/04/11 RERUN: Come Protest Dayton's Obamacare Signing PDF
01/05/11 Florida Health Data Goes Digital PDF
01/06/11 RERUN: The Return of Death Panels PDF
01/07/11 No Money Trees in Washington D.C. PDF
01/10/11 30 Pieces of Silver PDF
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