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November 2012

11/26/12 Partnership Exchange is Trojan Horse PDF
11/23/12 Here a Breach, There a Breach, Everywhere a Breach PDF
11/22/12 What is a Pre-Existing Condition? PDF
11/21/12 Paying Doctors for Performance Doesn't Work PDF
11/20/12 Stolen Patient Data is Lucrative PDF
11/19/12 The End of Catastrophic Coverage PDF
11/16/12 Vermont's Single Payer Rationing System PDF
11/15/12 Cold Calculations Used to Ration Care PDF
11/14/12 Obamacare's New Inspections of Seniors PDF
11/13/12 Tracking for Obamatax on Uninsured PDF
11/09/12 EPA's New Tuskegee PDF
11/08/12 Obama Wins but States Can Stop Obamacare PDF
11/07/12 The Next Four Years PDF
11/06/12 Vote Today Don't Stay Home PDF
11/05/12 Vote for Your Future PDF
11/02/12 Designing EMR for Patient or Doctor? PDF
11/01/12 Repealing Obamacare Could be Easy PDF

October 2012

10/31/12 Be Scared of Obamacare PDF
10/30/12 Are you a Widget PDF
10/29/12 Fourth C in 4C Solution PDF
10/25/12 Second C in 4C Solution PDF
10/24/12 First C in 4C Solution PDF
10/23/12 The 50 Year Political Disease PDF
10/22/12 HCR-Focus on the Political Disease PDF
10/19/12 It Could Work PDF
10/18/12 Government 1 ~ Canary 0 PDF
10/17/12 Zero Evidence PDF
10/16/12 Reserve Your Doctor Today PDF
10/15/12 Obama's IRS Enforcer is Coming Out PDF
10/12/12 Ezekiel Emanuel's Incorrect Premise PDF
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