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January 2012

01/27/12 It's Not Working! PDF
01/26/12 Pro-Life Groups Wrongly Advance Obamacare PDF
01/25/12 Essential Benefit Sidestep on Public Transparency PDF
01/24/12 Paula Deen, Diabetes, and Personal Responsibility PDF
01/23/12 How to Stop Obamacare PDF
01/20/12 The End of Catastrophic Coverage PDF
01/19/12 Democrats Worried by Obamacare Mandate PDF
01/18/12 From Flexibility to Tyranny PDF
01/17/12 Big Government Barges In PDF
01/16/12 Governors Want Intrusive Obamacare Data System PDF
01/13/12 Hospital Computer System Shuts Down PDF
01/12/12 Democrats Worried by Obamacare Mandate PDF
01/11/12 What Does Quality Really Mean? PDF
01/10/12 GOP Governors Advance Obamacare PDF
01/09/12 U.S. Funds National Patient ID Behind the Scenes PDF
01/06/12 Drug Shortages in America PDF
01/05/12 White House Pedals Obamacare Propaganda PDF
01/04/12 The Feds Fund Deadly Research PDF
01/03/12 Your Entire DNA Profile Online PDF
01/02/12 Stolen Patient Data is Lucrative PDF

December 2011

12/30/11 Undoing Obamacare at SCOTUS PDF
12/29/11 2011 Lie of the Year Award Goes to... PDF
12/28/11 What's the Truth about Young Adult Coverage? PDF
12/27/11 The Obamacare Kid Glitch PDF
12/26/11 News You Never Hear Elsewhere PDF
12/23/11 Two Years Ago... PDF
12/22/11 Physician Exhausted by Overregulation PDF
12/21/11 New Medicare Rationing PDF
12/20/11 Do You Want Obamacare Repealed for Christmas? PDF
12/19/11 Rules and Regs by the Hundreds PDF
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