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June 2011

06/16/11 Performance Bonuses Yield Little Medicare Savings PDF
06/15/11 Medical Doctors Shun TSA Airport Scanners PDF
06/14/11 Democrats Now Oppose Obama's Rationing Panel PDF
06/13/11 You Can NOT Keep Your Insurance PDF
06/10/11 Should Medicare Say No? PDF
06/09/11 New Future for Medicare PDF
06/08/11 Health IT - Patient or Research Subject? PDF
06/07/11 True Story Should Give Parents Pause PDF
06/06/11 Hospitals Oppose Medicare Penalty Plan PDF
06/03/11 Stop the HIT Coalition Emerges PDF
06/01/11 DNA Sequence on Each Patient PDF
06/02/11 Texas Protects Baby DNA PDF

April 2011

04/03/11 Doctors Paid for Outcomes Not Care PDF
04/04/11 Baby Joseph Flees Canada PDF
04/05/11 Rationing Diabetic Care for Children PDF
04/06/11 AARP's Backroom Obamacare Deal PDF
04/07/11 Growing Naysayers on the Obamacare Exchange PDF
04/08/11 Hidden Costs of Obamacare PDF
04/11/11 Family Premiums will Rise $5,000 PDF
04/12/11 Public Opposition to Federal Control Rises PDF
04/13/11 Forced into Medicare PDF
04/14/11 Are Patients Primary or Secondary? PDF
04/15/11 Marketing with Mayberry RFD PDF
04/18/11 National Medical Records System Coming PDF
04/19/11 English Doctors Become Accountants PDF
04/20/11 ACO is the New HMO PDF
04/21/11 Coming Health Disparities Civil Rights Violation PDF
04/22/11 Aetna CEO Says Mandate Won't Survive PDF

March 2011

03/01/11 Will Your "Unnecessary" Care be Fraud? PDF
03/02/11 Judge Says Talk Common Sense PDF
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