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August 2012

08/30/12 Massive Date-Sharing in Obamacare Exchange PDF
08/29/12 A New Charity for Underserved Pregnant Woman PDF
08/28/12 EMRs Obscure Key Facts Needed for Care PDF
08/27/12 Who's Asking the Baby PDF
08/24/12 $805 Billion Less in Your Pocket PDF
08/23/12 Marketing Patient Privacy PDF
08/22/12 States Refuse Obamacare Exchange PDF
08/21/12 Details of Ryan's Medicare Plan PDF
08/20/12 Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan PDF
08/17/12 The Does Obamacare Violate the Takings Clause PDF
08/16/12 The Biggest Tax Increase Ever PDF
08/15/12 Massachusetts' Massive Mistake PDF
08/14/12 400 Doctors Quit PDF
08/13/12 $2,000 or $20,000 plus Trouble PDF
08/10/12 German Docs Apologize for Nazi Atrocities PDF
08/09/12 You Can't Pay Cash for Care PDF
08/08/12 The Glitch Gives Power to States PDF
08/07/12 Four Reasons to Say NO to Exchange PDF
08/06/12 Focus on Care not Coverage PDF
08/03/12 Three Year Old Boy Dies Waiting PDF
08/02/12 I'll Just Do My Job PDF
08/01/12 Is CMS Going Rogue with $8.3 Billion PDF

July 2012

07/31/12 Obamacare is Force, Not Freedom PDF
07/30/12 Word Games Save Obamacare PDF
07/27/12 The Organ Donor Revolution PDF
07/26/12 Just Plain Wrong PDF
07/25/12 Amazing Medicaid Factoid PDF
07/24/12 Obamacare Privacy Lawsuit Proceeds PDF
07/23/12 Soviet Medicine PDF
07/20/12 Obamacare Now in Constitutional Record PDF
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