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January 2011

01/04/11 RERUN: Come Protest Dayton's Obamacare Signing PDF
01/05/11 Florida Health Data Goes Digital PDF
01/06/11 RERUN: The Return of Death Panels PDF
01/07/11 No Money Trees in Washington D.C. PDF
01/10/11 30 Pieces of Silver PDF
01/11/11 Pawlentycare Not What Claimed PDF
01/12/11 Medicare Given Your Data PDF
01/13/11 Why Two Donut Hole Programs? PDF
01/14/11 Hungry Patient Told to Buy Own Food PDF
01/17/11 RERUN: Pawlentycare Not What Claimed PDF
01/18/11 Obamacare Vote Tomorrow? PDF
01/19/11 Healthy Babies Die in UK PDF
01/20/11 Mapping Military DNA - Part 1 PDF
01/21/11 Mapping Military DNA - Part 2 PDF
01/24/11 Intrusive "Meaningful Use" - Public Comments Sought PDF
01/25/11 False Claims on Pre-Existing Conditions PDF
01/26/11 Mr. President, that is Patently False PDF
01/27/11 Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act Passes PDF
01/28/11 Study Finds Few Benefits from Health IT PDF
01/31/11 Health IT Takes Time and Money PDF

December 2010

12/01/10 111 Waivers to ObamaCare PDF
12/02/10 Patients Lose Big in Medical Loss Rule PDF
12/03/10 Face to Face in Washington D.C. PDF
12/06/10 Dead from No Healthcare PDF
12/07/10 NY To Get Direct Access to Patient Medical Records PDF
12/08/10 Collateral Damage from Newborn Screening PDF
12/09/10 Donate for National Syndication PDF
12/10/10 ACO is the New HMO PDF
12/13/10 Star Tribune Wrong on Health Exchange PDF
12/14/10 Judge Rules Individual Mandate Unconstitutional PDF

- Judge Hudson's Ruling on Virginia Lawsuit Against Individual Mandate

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