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April 2012

04/27/12 Red State Resistance Rules PDF
04/26/12 Here a Breach There a Breach PDF
04/25/12 Lobbyist Says It's Not Your Data PDF
04/24/12 Freedom with Permission PDF
04/23/12 Obama Diverts $500M to IRS for Obamacare PDF
04/20/12 Obfuscation on Obamacare Mandate PDF
04/19/12 Obamacare's Second Really Bad Mandate PDF
04/18/12 Young Doctors Bad-Mouth Obamacare PDF
04/17/12 No RFID Chips in Obamacare but... PDF
04/16/12 ACTION OPP - Feds Want You to Take Your Pills PDF
04/13/12 Economists Shred Obamacare Myths PDF
04/12/12 End Obamacare, Don't Mend It PDF
04/11/12 Doctors Join the Ranks of Rationeers PDF
04/10/12 Judges and DOJ Take Aim & Fire PDF
04/09/12 Not Final Till it's Final PDF
04/06/12 National Data System On the Move PDF
04/05/12 Engineer Your Child; Save the Planet PDF
04/04/12 Obamacare Two-Year Checkup PDF
04/03/12 Obamacare Will Be Overturned Public Says PDF
04/02/12 Not Complying is Not Illegal PDF
04/02/12 Would HMO Run National U.S. System PDF
04/02/12 Obamacare on Trial - Day Three Part 2 PDF

March 2012

03/28/12 Obamacare on Trial - Day Three Part 1 PDF
03/27/12 Obamacare on Trial - Day Two PDF
03/26/12 Obamacare on Trial - Day One PDF
03/23/12 Seven Years of Failure isn't Enough PDF
03/22/12 Defiance on Obamacare PDF
03/21/12 States Opt Out of Obamacare PDF
03/20/12 Single Seller Vision for Gov't Exchange PDF
03/19/12 Will the Feds Bring an Army PDF
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