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May 2020

05/22/20 The Hidden National Health Surveillance System PDF
05/21/20 Facts about Certificates of Immunity for COVID-19 PDF
05/20/20 Facts about Vaccination for COVID-19 PDF
05/19/20 Facts about Contact Tracing for COVID-19 PDF
05/18/20 Facts about Testing for COVID-19 PDF
05/15/20 More Security in the Risks of Freedom PDF
05/14/20 Have Your Heard of “COVID Toes”? PDF
05/13/20 Oppressive Contact Tracing in South Korea PDF
05/12/20 What’s Wrong With the CDC? PDF
05/11/20 What to Know about Contact Tracing PDF
05/08/20 Mayo, Pence and Pure Propaganda PDF
05/07/20 What Does Flatten the Curve Mean? PDF
05/06/20 Who Cares About the W.H.O.? Defund It. PDF
05/05/20 South Korean Surveillance for COVID-19 PDF
05/04/20 MN Building Unlawful Health Surveillance System PDF
05/01/20 Good News from France on HCQ for COVID-19 PDF

April 2020

04/30/20 COVID-19 Used As Excuse to End Civil Rights PDF
04/29/20 NY Issues “Death Panel” Guideline for Cardiac Arrests PDF
04/28/20 How Will COVID-19 Immunity Be Tested? PDF
04/27/20 Is COVID-19 Less Deadly Than Initially Believed? PDF
04/24/20 When Laboratories Hold Dangerous Germs PDF
04/23/20 Surveillance Expands in COVID-19 Crisis PDF
04/22/20 The Power of Proning to Save COVID-19 Patients PDF
04/21/20 States Develop COVID-19 Rationing Strategies PDF
04/20/20 Inflated COVID-19 Death Statistics PDF
04/17/20 Epidemiologists Offer Differing Strategies on Covid-19 PDF
04/16/20 Turning Hotels into Hospitals During Crisis PDF
04/15/20 Are Cytokine Storms the Cause of Respiratory Distress? PDF
04/14/20 High-Pressure Ventilators Hurt Patient’s Lungs PDF
04/13/20 HCQ Medication Helps Patients Survive COVID-19 PDF
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