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November 2011

11/11/11 Tracking Your Prescription Pick-Up PDF
11/10/11 Obamacare Sinking in Polls PDF
11/09/11 Rigged Research Against the Elderly PDF
11/08/11 Medicare's Secret Mandate PDF
11/07/11 Fatty Foods Fund France PDF
11/04/11 Obamacare's Federal Critic PDF
11/03/11 Why 'Quality' Care is Dangerous PDF
11/02/11 A National Patient ID Number PDF
11/01/11 Feds Go Shopping for Essential Benefits PDF

October 2011

10/31/11 Is Obamacare Planned for SCOTUS Discussion? PDF
10/28/11 Mr. President, We Won't Forget PDF
10/27/11 The False Vitamin Scare PDF
10/26/11 They Want Your Life in Code PDF
10/25/11 Feds Say Your Data is Theirs PDF
10/24/11 New Research Plan PDF
10/21/11 Government Plays Doctor Doctor PDF
10/20/11 States Should Still Refuse PDF
10/19/11 Five Reasons to Say NO to Obamacare Exchange PDF
10/18/11 Stop the Exchange...Stop Obamacare PDF
10/17/11 Only Government Rewards Misbehavior PDF
10/14/11 Your Doctor Works for Who? PDF
10/13/11 Medicare Rations Care PDF
10/12/11 Is Employer Health Insurance a Ripoff? PDF
10/11/11 Asthma Inhalers to be Banned PDF
10/10/11 Feds to Require Risk Scores on Citizens PDF
10/07/11 Who is Health Care's Napster? PDF
10/06/11 The Realities of the Uninsured PDF
10/05/11 The Politics of the Uninsured PDF
10/04/11 Obamacare Heads to U.S. Supreme Court PDF
10/03/11 Ghandhi Exposes Myth on U.S. Health Care PDF
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