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August 2010

08/03/10 ObamaCare Ruling PDF

Judge Hudson's Ruling on Virginia Lawsuit

08/02/10 He Was Right PDF

July 2010

07/30/10 The Medibid Market PDF
07/29/10 Cyberknife Banned in England PDF
07/28/10 RERUN: Free Society Postcard PDF
07/27/10 Minnesota Pay for Performance Program PDF
07/26/10 Free Society Postcard PDF

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07/23/10 Task Force and Big Brother PDF
07/22/10 250,000 New ObamaCare Regulations PDF
07/21/10 Minnesota Task Force Charade PDF
07/20/10 Insurers Ration Doctors PDF
07/19/10 RERUN: Health Care Disparities Ruse PDF
07/16/10 RERUN: Capping Medicare PDF
07/15/10 RERUN: Berwick Opposes Customized Care PDF
07/14/10 CEOs want ObamaCare Dollars PDF
07/13/10 Bring "Repeal ObamaCare" Bill to a Vote PDF
07/12/10 Health Care Disparities Ruse PDF
07/09/10 Doctors Fly the Coop PDF
07/08/10 Swine Flu Vaccine Wastes Taxpayer Dollars PDF
07/07/10 Lewis Sings Star-Spangled Banner PDF

Lewis, a U.S. Marine, Stuns Crowd with Verse #2 of Star Spangled Banner

07/06/10 Capping Medicare PDF
07/05/10 Berwick Opposes Customized Care PDF
07/02/10 MN Obamacare Task Force PDF
07/01/10 Bar Berwick as Head of Medicare PDF

June 2010

06/30/10 Waiting in Line for Government PDF
06/29/10 Medical Records or Research Tools? PDF
06/28/10 Gattaca Coming? PDF
06/25/10 Oppose HHS Baby DNA Banking PDF
06/24/10 Disarray or Deception? PDF
06/23/10 RERUN: Watching Your Wellness PDF
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