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May 2010

05/11/10 ObamaCare: No One Knows PDF
05/10/10 "Shred ObamaCare" Rally PDF
05/07/10 House Republicans in Action PDF
05/06/10 Brit Hume on ObamaCare PDF
05/05/10 The Standardization Threat PDF
05/04/10 Coercive Quality PDF
05/03/10 Definitions Matter PDF

April 2010

04/30/10 The Tied Hands of the IRS PDF
04/29/10 What Can We Learn From GAMC? PDF
04/28/10 Coverage is Not Care PDF
04/26/10 HIPAA: What to Do Now PDF
04/23/10 Three Violations of Medical Privacy PDF
04/22/10 HIPPA: A Notice of Disclosure Practices PDF
04/21/10 The HIPAA No Privacy Rule PDF
04/20/10 HIPAA and Medical Privacy PDF
04/19/10 21 Taxes PDF
04/16/10 The OweCare Bill PDF
04/15/10 The Expansion of Fraud Investigations PDF
04/14/10 Pass the Bill to Find Out What's In It? PDF
04/13/10 The Government that Cried Wolf PDF
04/12/10 MN Immunization Information Connection PDF
04/09/10 Dangerous Medicine PDF
04/08/10 Packing the (Minnesota) House PDF
04/07/10 The Definition of Euthanasia
04/06/10 The Attorney General War PDF
04/05/10 Conformity Hearing PDF
04/02/10 ObamaCare's Finest Deception PDF
04/01/10 Dr. Berwick and Big Government PDF

March 2010

03/30/10 Promises Promises
03/22/10 New Revolution for Freedom
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