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March 2010

03/15/10 The "Deem" Scheme

Contact Info for the 30 "on the fence" U.S. House members

03/12/10 Premiums to Rise

February 2010

02/11/10 Government has Your Baby's DNA
02/10/10 Diverting Dollars through Data
02/09/10 President's Feb 25 Pow-wow
02/04/10 Henrietta Lack Was Never Asked
02/03/10 Virginia Moves to Prohibit Individual Mandate

January 2010

01/29/10 Is Bite-Sized Health Care Coming?
01/28/10 House Attempt to Bypass Senate?
01/27/10 Bioterrorism Power Grab?
01/26/10 Declaration of Health Care Independence Released
01/25/10 What is a Billion?
01/22/10 Will Yours Pills Tell on You?
01/21/10 It's not over!
01/20/10 Feedback Requested
01/19/10 Government Weigh-Ins?
01/18/10 Behind Closed Doors
01/15/10 Mayo drops Medicare patients
01/14/10 Limiting care through research
01/13/10 American Medical Association's "sweetheart deal"
01/12/10 Who will protect patients?
01/11/10 The ruse of "no annual limits"
01/08/10 Ready for life without insurance?
01/07/10 Is federal health surveillance "quality of care"?
01/06/10 How much could individual mandate cost?
01/05/10 Don't give up!

December 2009

12/23/09 Death from Uninsurance?
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