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August 2019

08/09/19 Elizabeth Warren is Right about Health Plans PDF
08/08/19 Stopping Single-Payer Dinner - September 19 PDF
08/07/19 Find a Wedge Practice Close to You PDF
08/06/19 Dems Debate How to Impose Socialized Medicine PDF
08/05/19 What We Did in Washington PDF
08/02/19 The Joy of Direct Primary Care PDF
08/01/19 “Value-Based Care” Sophistry PDF

July 2019

07/31/19 Find Good Care at PDF
07/30/19 Will Your Hospital Survive? PDF
07/29/19 Surprise Medical Bills and Price Control PDF
07/26/19 ACA Family Premiums Top $1,000 PDF
07/25/19 Canadians Leave Canada for Surgery PDF
07/24/19 Who is Your Doctor Working For? PDF
07/23/19 Medicare for All Will Cut Care, Not Costs PDF
07/22/19 Biden Versus Bernie—Medicare for All PDF
07/19/19 Three Protective Steps for Patients PDF
07/18/19 Illegals Get Taxpayer-Funded Medicaid Coverage in California PDF
07/17/19 Capitation Payments Mean Less Care for Patients PDF
07/16/19 Capitation Payments Hurt Patients PDF
07/15/19 Let Nurses Be Nurses PDF
07/12/19 Why are Tax-Exempt Hospitals Suing Patients? PDF
07/11/19 GOP “Surprise Billing” Bill Will Advance Single-Payer PDF
07/10/19 Congress EHR Mandate Puts You at Risk PDF
07/09/19 The Wrong Solution for “Surprise Medical Bills” PDF
07/08/19 ACA Lawsuit Oral Arguments This Week PDF
07/05/19 Don’t Combine Care and Coverage in Your Mind PDF
07/04/19 What America Means to You PDF
07/03/19 The Real Reason for “Surprise Medical Bills” PDF
07/02/19 Oppose the “Lower Health Care Costs” Bill. PDF
07/01/19 GOP Senators Push National Database of Patient Information PDF
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September 22nd, 2019