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March 2021

03/12/21 Masks Failed to Stop 1918 Spanish Flu PDF
03/11/21 Can Employers Force Me to Submit to COVID-19 Testing? PDF
03/10/21 Will COVID-19 Lead to Injectable Biosensors? PDF
03/09/21 Fake Flu Deaths — Fake COVID Deaths PDF
03/08/21 The Hidden National Health Surveillance System PDF
03/05/21 Find Health Care Alternatives — Break Free PDF
03/04/21 Where to Get Early Treatment Drugs for COVID-19 PDF
03/03/21 Why to Not Choose REAL ID PDF
03/02/21 Lockdowns Have No Clear Benefits PDF
03/01/21 Good News on Community Immunity PDF

February 2021

02/26/21 CCHF Face Freedom Campaign -- Illustrated PDF
02/25/21 CBO Says Single Payer System Will Ration Care PDF
02/24/21 Insurance-Free Physician Opens Practice in Indiana PDF
02/23/21 Congress Pushes Digital IDs for All PDF
02/22/21 A Vaccine that is Not a Vaccine PDF
02/19/21 Is this Why W.H.O Dropped the COVID Investigation? PDF
02/18/21 Masking Sanity – and Insanity PDF
02/17/21 Good News – Find an Opted-Out Physician PDF
02/16/21 Always Question the Experts PDF
02/15/21 The Days of Insanity PDF
02/12/21 Three Numbers to Know about COVID-19 PDF
02/11/21 How Do mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work? PDF
02/10/21 COVID-19 Vaccine Not Intended to Stop the Virus PDF
02/09/21 Employer-Sponsored Coverage is Theft PDF
02/08/21 KamalaCare is Not What the Doctor Ordered PDF
02/05/21 Find Health Care Alternatives — Break Free PDF
02/04/21 Biden Re-Opens Failing Obamacare Exchanges PDF
02/03/21 Where to Get Early Treatment Drugs for COVID-19 PDF
02/02/21 Are COVID-19 Variants More Virulent? PDF
02/01/21 FDA Says Don’t Trust Cloth Masks PDF
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April 18th, 2021