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February 2020

02/28/20 State Inspectors to Enter Homes of New Parents? PDF
02/27/20 How Health Insurance Began PDF
02/26/20 When You Don’t Pay Your Doctor, What Happens? PDF
02/25/20 Hospital Mergers Mean Worse Care, Higher Costs PDF
02/24/20 Rationing Care to Keep Medicare Alive PDF
02/21/20 Pull the Plug on HIPAA; Don’t Extend It PDF
02/20/20 Mayo Clinic Shares Patient Data With Google PDF
02/19/20 California Doctor Goes Cash Only PDF
02/18/20 Super Bowl vs. Super Tuesday PDF
02/17/20 Amazon in Health-Data Partnership with British NHS PDF
02/14/20 Baby DNA Used by California Police PDF
02/13/20 This is Not What Ownership Means PDF
02/11/20 Wisconsin Physician Chooses Freedom PDF
02/11/20 Are Physicians and Non-Physicians Interchangeable? PDF
02/10/20 Personalized Care Act Promises Freedom PDF
02/07/20 Samaritan Ministries Explains Health Sharing PDF
02/06/20 How Socialized Medicine Hurts in Finland PDF
02/05/20 Therapist Offers Creative Direct-Pay Model PDF
02/04/20 Canada Pressuring Hospice to Commit Euthanasia PDF
02/03/20 Rationing Care to Keep Medicare Alive PDF

January 2020

01/31/20 Protect the American Republic; Go to Your Caucus PDF
01/30/20 SCOTUS Tells Dems No on Obamacare Request PDF
01/29/20 See Who Last Joined The Wedge PDF
01/28/20 Florida Ends Limits on Health Care Competition PDF
01/27/20 Hospital Mergers Mean Worse Care, Higher Costs PDF
01/24/20 California Pays Doctors to Dig Deep into Children’s Lives PDF
01/23/20 A Billion Medical Images Exposed Online PDF
01/22/20 Save Money By Not Using Insurance PDF
01/21/20 California Should Say No to Socialized Drugs PDF
01/20/20 Health Sharing Story from a Member PDF
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