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July 2018

07/25/18 Americans Buying Big Brother in the Exam Room PDF
07/24/18 Democrats Establish Medicare-for-All Caucus PDF
07/23/18 Health Plan Profits Booming PDF
07/20/18 Should Hospitals Be Tax Exempt? PDF
07/19/18 Why You and Your Doctor Need a Private Contract PDF
07/18/18 Want a Free EKG? Pay Cash. PDF
07/17/18 Who’s Got Your Emergency Contact Info? PDF
07/16/18 Death by a Thousand Clicks PDF
07/13/18 The EHR is Not What You Think It is PDF
07/12/18 Launching “Big Brother” Book at FreedomFest PDF
07/11/18 RELEASED TODAY: “Big Brother in the Exam Room” PDF
07/10/18 TOMORROW: My Book Will Be on Amazon PDF
07/09/18 Three Days to Release! PDF
07/06/18 Five Days Before Big Brother is Released PDF
07/05/18 Health Freedom 101 True Health Insurance PDF
07/04/18 What America Means to You PDF
07/03/18 Will You Take the Red or Blue Pill? PDF
07/02/18 Nine Days Until Big Brother in the Exam Room is Released PDF

June 2018

06/29/18 Failed Hospital Quality Ratings PDF
06/28/18 Coming Soon CCHF Groundbreaking Book PDF
06/27/18 New York Physicians Eliminate Middleman PDF
06/26/18 Maine Governor Refuses Court Order to Expand Medicaid PDF
06/25/18 Should Hospitals Be Tax Exempt? PDF
06/22/18 Can Nurse Practitioners Replace Physicians? PDF
06/21/18 Trump’s DOJ Calls ACA Unconstitutional PDF
06/20/18 Should Doctors Be Skilled Data Clerks? PDF
06/19/18 The Obamacare “Cash Cow” PDF
06/18/18 Doctors’ Group Softens Stance on Assisted Suicide PDF
06/15/18 Congress Approves Theft by Insurers PDF
06/14/18 Medicare Goes Bust in Eight Years PDF
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