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January 2020

01/17/20 Beware Single-Payer Statistics PDF
01/16/20 Buy Personal Coverage with Your Employer’s Help! PDF
01/15/20 How Health Insurance Began PDF
01/14/20 State Inspectors to Enter Homes of New Parents? PDF
01/13/20 Democrats Ask SCOTUS to Hear Obamacare Lawsuit PDF
01/10/20 Get a Passport, Not a REAL ID PDF
01/09/20 Why are Hospitals Forcing Workers to Get Vaccinated? PDF
01/08/20 When You Don’t Pay Your Doctor, What Happens? PDF
01/07/20 Show Your Support for the Personalized Care Act PDF
01/06/20 Sen. Ted Cruz Introduces Health Freedom Bill PDF
01/03/20 Fake Cancer Diagnosis to Escape Costs? PDF
01/02/20 CCHF President Opposes “Quality” Measurement at HHS Quality Summit PDF
01/01/20 The “Giant Hospital Bill” Scam PDF

December 2019

12/31/19 Donate Today and Have Donation Matched! PDF
12/30/19 Double Your Impact—Donate by Tomorrow PDF
12/27/19 Celebrate a Major Privacy Win! PDF
12/26/19 15,000 Reasons to Donate! PDF
12/25/19 Merry Christmas to Lovers of Liberty! PDF
12/24/19 Court Sends Obamacare “Christmas Gift” PDF
12/23/19 Unexpected $15,000 Matching Grant! PDF
12/20/19 DNA Dating to Advance Eugenics? PDF
12/19/19 Your Generosity Buys Freedom PDF
12/18/19 Prepare for Winning ACA Lawsuit PDF
12/17/19 We Depend on You for All We Do! PDF
12/16/19 CCHF Report from Washington, D.C. PDF
12/13/19 Have Climate Extremists Decided to Use Babies? PDF
12/12/19 Hospital Replaces Physicians with Nurses PDF
12/11/19 The Wedge Makes Doctor Visit Easy PDF
12/10/19 Amazon Enters the Exam Room PDF
12/09/19 Thanks to YOU, we’re in Washington, D.C. Today PDF
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