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February 2018

02/21/18 Breaking the American Piggy Bank PDF
02/20/18 Denied Without Physician Review PDF
02/19/18 Obamacare's Unfulfilled Promise PDF
02/16/18 Managed Care CEO Gets Dose of Reality PDF
02/15/18 State Databases of Inaccurate Patient Data PDF
02/14/18 Find a Doctor You Love PDF
02/13/18 One Battle You Don't Want to Lose PDF
02/12/18 Stop The Obamacare Shell Game PDF
02/09/18 Why You and Your Doctor Need a Private Contract PDF
02/08/18 It’s Not Insurance, It’s Government Healthcare PDF
02/07/18 Get the Affordable Healthcare Ball Rolling PDF
02/06/18 British Baby Alfie Fights for Life PDF
02/05/18 What is Wrong with Governor Scott Walker? PDF
02/02/18 Apple Adds Medical Records App PDF
02/01/18 Obamacare State By State PDF

January 2018

01/31/18 Flat-Rate Prices For Care PDF
01/30/18 Chinese Edit Genes of Cancer Patients PDF
01/29/18 Idaho Bucks Obamacare Law PDF
01/26/18 Buying Clothes and Shedding Data PDF
01/25/18 Stick with Cash for Most Care PDF
01/24/18 Getting the Best Price for Care PDF
01/23/18 Chipping Away at Freedom PDF
01/22/18 Freedom of Conscience Rights to Be Recognized PDF
01/19/18 Do You Want This Science Fiction to Come True? PDF
01/18/18 End the Charity Care Charade PDF
01/17/18 Building a Network of Health Freedom PDF
01/16/18 British Hospital Cuts Cancer Care PDF
01/15/18 Refuse Racial Data Collection PDF
01/12/18 What's Really Going On With High Premiums PDF
01/11/18 Wow Says One Health Sharing Member PDF
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