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October 2019

10/25/19 Health Plans Should Pay the Obamacare Fee PDF
10/24/19 UnitedHealth Profits — Drop AARP — Join AMAC PDF
10/23/19 Pennsylvania Physician Offers $35 Visits PDF
10/22/19 Old Electrical-Stimulus Pain Treatment Resurrected PDF
10/21/19 Choose Hospice Carefully PDF
10/18/19 CCHF Offers Trump “Made in America Healthcare Act” PDF
10/17/19 What to Know as Medicare Enrollment Begins PDF
10/16/19 Restoring “Old Fashioned Medicine”—at Work PDF
10/15/19 Troubling Policies in Trump’s Medicare EO PDF
10/14/19 Trump Executive Order is CCHF Win PDF
10/11/19 Amazon Launches Virtual Care Clinic PDF
10/10/19 How to Refuse to Pay Surprise Medical Bill PDF
10/09/19 Wal-Mart Launches Free-Market Health Care Services PDF
10/08/19 Would Bernie Get Quick Surgery in Canada? PDF
10/07/19 CCHF Launches Patient Toolbox PDF
10/04/19 Too Many GOP Support National Patient ID PDF
10/03/19 House Pushing Federal Database of Medical Records PDF
10/02/19 Help Senator Rand Paul Stop the National Patient ID PDF
10/01/19 Congress Wants Your Medical Records Linked and Online PDF

September 2019

09/30/19 Stop the National Patient ID PDF
09/27/19 EHR Company Wants to Use 20M Patients for Research PDF
09/26/19 Jewish Health Sharing Ministry Begins PDF
09/25/19 Have Mayo and Google Received Patient Consent? PDF
09/24/19 Tax-Exempt Hospitals Prey on Patients PDF
09/23/19 Health Surveillance to Predict Violence? PDF
09/20/19 ACA Causes Hospital Prices Increases PDF
09/19/19 Brilliant or Bad Idea for Paying Doctors? PDF
09/18/19 Health Plans Use Networks to Ration Care PDF
09/17/19 Don’t Combine Care and Coverage in Your Mind PDF
09/16/19 The Cost of Coverage is Consuming Wages PDF
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