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January 2018

01/17/18 Building a Network of Health Freedom PDF
01/16/18 British Hospital Cuts Cancer Care PDF
01/15/18 Refuse Racial Data Collection PDF
01/12/18 What's Really Going On With High Premiums PDF
01/11/18 Wow Says One Health Sharing Member PDF
01/10/18 What The WEDGE Is and Isn't PDF
01/09/18 One-Third of Americans are Wrong PDF
01/08/18 Your Wages to Well-Paid Bureaucrats PDF
01/05/18 Four Scary Friday Facts PDF
01/04/18 Facts about Obamacare and Congress PDF
01/03/18 A Great Reason to Join The WEDGE PDF
01/02/18 Send President Trump a Note of Thanks PDF
01/01/18 Harrowing Predictions of Hope PDF

December 2017

12/29/17 Canadians Wait and Wait for Care PDF
12/28/17 Three Days Left to Support the Health Freedom Minute Radio Program PDF
12/27/17 Obamacare is NOT Repealed PDF
12/26/17 Only Five Days Left PDF
12/25/17 Breathtaking Reality PDF
12/22/17 Reduce Physician Burnout Repeal the EHR Mandate PDF
12/21/17 Will Congress Allow HSAs for Medicare? PDF
12/20/17 The WEDGE is Free for Doctors and Patients PDF
12/19/17 Immunization Surveillance Program Approved PDF
12/18/17 Don't Get Faked Out by Mandate Repeal PDF
12/15/17 Indian Health Service Shows Problems of Socialized Medicine PDF
12/14/17 VA Chief Seeks More Private Care PDF
12/13/17 More Deaths Per Year From ACA Program PDF
12/12/17 Catholic Hospitals Grant Euthanasia PDF
12/11/17 Pick An Affordability Exemption PDF
12/08/17 The Danger of Medicaid Couch Potatoes PDF
12/07/17 Support the Freedom to Choose Your Pharmacy PDF
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